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The asylum-seeker bomber who the media neglects to say was an asylum seeker

The Irish mainstream media’s reluctance to point out that the dead would-be bomber in Liverpool was a “Syrian refugee” is hardly surprising. This was revealed after all on the same day that Minister for Virtue Signalling Stuff Roderic O’Gorman was in Jordan promising that Ireland would take in several thousand Syrians.

It is ironic perhaps that his meeting with aspirant New Irish should be taking place in Jordan as it seems that the “Syrian refugee” Emad al-Swealmeen was not, in fact, Syrian at all, but a Jordanian national. Like so many others he simply took advantage of the Syrian war to pretend that he was Syrian.

Despite this being suspected by the British authorities, and despite his having been convicted of possessing a knife in threatening circumstances, he remained in the country until he attempted to kill and main innocent people with a bomb in Liverpool.

Had there been attempts to deport him earlier, no doubt al-Swealmeen would have had all of the resources of a sympathetic NGO sector, liberal media and others thrown behind him. Loathe to admit any failing of the asylum system, these same elements have now quickly attempted to frame the narrative in such a way as to suggest no fault either on the part of the system, nor any ideological motivation on the part of the deceased alleged bomber.

This report from the Guardian below is very much on the lines of the media here reporting that a “Dublin man” or “Limerick man” is being charged with rape or drug dealing, when they are in fact arrivals from other jurisdictions, lest it reveal that all who come to live here on the basis of “seeking asylum” are not paragons of virtue.


The reports of a conversion to Christianity should also be taken with a pinch of salt. As The Times reported Sunday: “hundreds of Muslim asylum seekers have had their claims accepted by the Home Office after converting to Christianity.”

“For an asylum seeker, baptism can dramatically boost their prospects,” the report noted. Indeed.

Suggestions are now, being made that al-Swealmeen may have been intending to bring whatever device he was carrying to a remembrance ceremony at the nearby Church of England Cathedral which was due to begin at shortly after the explosion took place. It would seem that he was only prevented from doing so by the courageous actions of the taxi driver David Perry who locked al-Swealmeen into the car where he blew himself up.

Planning to plant a bomb at a Cathedral during an event that is inextricably connected to Britain’s military history would not only suggest a somewhat tenuous connection to Christianity, but a possible ideological motivation on behalf of the bomber.

Even the fact that al-Swealmeen had changed his name on his asylum application to Enzo Almeni has been cited as evidence of a personal quirk, and an attachment to the Ferrari Formula One team, rather than noting that such falsification and destruction of documents is a not uncommon part of asylum applications in all western countries, including our own.

That alone – along with the fact that such applicants are not even from the countries they claim to be – ought to mean immediate return to those countries when proven.

Our own state broadcaster refers to the dead suspect in a way than makes no mention of the fact that he was seeking asylum, nor of the fact that he claimed to be Syrian.

The Irish Times report contains exactly the same description. And so does the Irish Examiner. All the reports are simply taken from the Press Association, Liverpool being so far away and everything.


And the same line is followed across other Irish media outlets, none of which refer to Syria at all. Or to the fact that al-Swealmeen was an asylum seeker.

Another curious omission from today’s news is of the O’Gorman visit to Jordan, despite RTÉ having provided extensive coverage of this yesterday before more of what had happened in Liverpool became clear. Normally, this would be the subject of “oh look how nice we all are” virtue-signalling.

RTÉ’s piece refers to O’Gorman assuring whoever is impressed by such matters that Ireland intends to take in 2,900 Syrian refugees by the end of 2023. The rest of it is all soft-focus stuff about how Ireland has to be able to accommodate itself to all of these people, and of course those claiming to be fleeing Afghanistan.

There is reference to Garda interviews with applicants in relation to security but given what we know of the experience of other European states, the rigour of this would have to be questioned. Do Irish security personnel even have the expertise or resources to deal with potential threats? How rigorous is the process of ensuring that people claiming to be fleeing Syria are in fact either Syrians or if they are that they qualify for international protection?

The fact that there is a discrepancy of hundreds of thousands between the numbers of Syrian refugees which the Jordanians and the United Nations claim to be in Jordan does not inspire much confidence in any agency being able to distinguish between various nationalities, not to mind genuine asylum seekers and economic migrants and opportunists.

Of course, to even suggest that any of this be properly debated here is under liberal fatwa. At least, by their dissimulation over the Liverpool bomber, they themselves recognise this. Hence you get the sanitised version of events that you read and hear on the mainstream media.


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