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Taiwan to Mick Wallace: We’re not part of China & never will be

The Taiwanese representative office in Ireland has responded to MEP Mick Wallace’s claim that “Taiwan is part of China,” saying that “Taiwan is not part of China, nor will it be in the future.”

In exclusive comments to Gript, the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland issued a statement on the Irish MEP’s remarks.

“Taiwan is not part of the People’s Republic of China, and the latter has not ruled for Taiwan for one single day since its inception,” the statement read.

“Taiwan is not, nor will it be, a matter for China’s internal affairs in the future.”

Continuing, they responded to Wallace’s claim that “Taiwan is part of China and recognised as such by the UN, including by the US since the US and China established diplomatic relations in 1979.”

The statement from Taipei said:

“The relevant text of Resolution 2758, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1971 concerning China’s representation in the United Nations, was very clear: it did not authorize the People’s Republic of China to represent Taiwan in the United Nations, let alone claim that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China.”

They concluded:

“Taiwan is a vibrant democracy that is appreciated and supported by like-minded partners around the world. The right to democratic self-determination should not and will not be forfeited.”

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