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Swedish people are having microchips implanted with Covid passports, Newsweek says

Swedish people are reportedly increasingly seeking to have microchips inserted into their bodies that contain their COVID-19 vaccination records, according to a Newsweek report based on news from local media outlets.

A video shared by Swedish news site Aftonbladet gives more information.

The transcript for the video says: “Get the COVID-19 certificate under the skin – available as a chip. Get your COVID-19 certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin. It is more and more popular to insert a chip into the body with different types of [medical] information, and now you can also insert your Covid certificate in the chip.”

The video also talked to people who had the microchips inserted in their hand, arm or chest, with the chips then linked to their smartphones.

Commentators have noted that many Swedish people had begun to voluntarily insert microchips into their hands years ago but that the practice seemed to be gathering pace during the COVID-19 crisis.

Newsweek said that:

“a 2018 NPR report said the microchips are about the size of a single grain of rice and were becoming so popular at the time that one of the main companies producing them reported difficulty keeping up with the demand. In 2017, a railway company in Sweden began allowing travellers to load their ticket information onto the microchips implanted in their bodies, according to BBC News. Railway conductors were then able to use smartphones to detect the chip and confirm the travellers’ tickets.”



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