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Soros: China’s Xi Jinping is the “greatest threat” today

Billionaire Hungarian investor George Soros has accused Chinese dictator Xi Jingping of being the “greatest threat that open societies face today.”

The remarks were made during a speech at the Hoover Institution last week.

“2022 will be a critical year in the history of the world,” said Soros.

“In a few days, China – the world’s most powerful authoritarian state – will begin hosting the Winter Olympics, and, like Germany in 1936, it will attempt to use the spectacle to score a propaganda victory for its system of strict controls.”

Soros accused Xi of failing to let “private enterprise blossom,” saying that his leadership “can be summed up in two words: total control.”

“That has had disastrous consequences,” he added.

The finance mogul warned of “a world teetering at the edge of military aggression, both in Ukraine and in Taiwan.”

“Xi Jinping has declared that he is determined to assert China’s sovereignty over Taiwan by force if necessary,” he said.

“He is devoting enormous resources to armaments. Recently he surprised the world by demonstrating a hypersonic controllable missile.

“The U.S. has nothing comparable and doesn’t intend to compete…war between the U.S. and its enemies has become more plausible and that is not a pleasant subject to contemplate.”

Notably, Chinese ambassador Qin Gang recently claimed that military conflict with the US is “likely” if Taiwan continues to seek independence.

Soros also added that artificial intelligence posed a new danger to world freedom.

“AI is particularly good at producing instruments of control that help repressive regimes and endanger open societies,” he said.

“Interestingly, the Coronavirus reinforced the advantage repressive regimes enjoy by legitimizing the use of personal data for public control purposes.

“With these advantages, one might think that Xi Jinping, who collects personal data for the surveillance of his citizens more aggressively than any other ruler in history, is bound to be successful. He certainly thinks so, and many people believe him. I should like to explain why that is not the case.”

Soros dubbed Xi a “true believer in Communism,” citing this as a reason why Xi is a threat.

“The first person to dominate the CCP, Mao Zedong, unleashed the Great Leap Forward that caused the death of tens of millions of people,” the Hungarian said.

“This was followed by the Cultural Revolution that destroyed China’s traditional culture by torturing and killing the cultural and economic elite.

“Xi Jinping is a true believer in Communism. Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin are his idols. At the celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the CCP he was dressed like Mao while the rest of the audience was wearing business suits.

“According to the rules of succession established by Deng, Xi Jinping’s term in power ought to expire in 2022. But Xi, inspired by Lenin, has gained firm control over the military and all other institutions of repression and surveillance.

“He has carefully choreographed the process that will elevate him to the level of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping and make him ruler for life. To accomplish this, Xi had to reinterpret CCP’s history to show that it will logically lead to appointing him for at least another term.”

Soros said that he hoped “Xi Jinping may be replaced by someone less repressive at home and more peaceful abroad.”

“This would remove the greatest threat that open societies face today and they should do everything within their power to encourage China to move in the desired direction.”

George Soros is known to be one of the world’s biggest funders of leftwing political causes, from abortion, to mass migration, to climate change and much more.

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