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Saying “climate deniers deserve death” is “activism,” claims Indo

A couple of months ago, yours truly published an article entitled Kill the Rich: How Irish media tolerates violent Leftwing rhetoric.

The point of the piece was pretty straightforward. At the time, I outlined how violent Marxist-themed graffiti messages about killing wealthy people had been sprayed all over Dublin city – a trend which is still ongoing to this day, by the way – with zero mainstream pushback or even acknowledgment that it’s happening.

In the article I pointed out how these messages were placed in areas where the intended target – namely rich people – were likely to see it. And I highlighted how it had received absolutely zero scrutiny from the mainstream media, despite meeting the textbook definition of “hate speech” (if one believes in that sort of thing).

The point was not so much that anything serious was likely to come of these threats – as I said at the time, the culprit is more than likely some kind of crusty, chronically-online neckbeard college student. Not exactly a dangerous criminal mastermind or threat to national security.

No – the point was more that the media is extremely tolerant of implied Leftwing violence and hateful rhetoric, in a way they would never be of other kinds of alleged hate. And as we fast forward to November, what do we see, but more of the same.

This week the Irish Independent published a nice softball piece all about a Donegal man who casually decided to tell the world how climate change deniers deserve death. As the headline reads:

‘Climate change denial deserves the death penalty’ – Irish activist takes his message to Egypt

Note the use of the nice soft label of “activist” here, by the way. One wonders if a person decided to hold a sign saying “Vaccine manufacturers deserve death,” or “Politicians deserve death” – messages I would condemn without hesitation, for the record – if the Indo would describe the person holding those signs as an “activist”?

Regardless, the piece goes on to explain how the man in question didn’t really want to see people executed, and was presumably just trying to get attention:

“The 45-year-old long-time activist said he didn’t really want to see executions but felt the need for a strong statement.

“If I can keep the deniers out of power, that’s the main thing. There’s no more time for their nonsense,” he said.

“Absolutely everything has to be done to prevent further climate change, whatever the amount of money that has to be spent, whatever the effort that has to be made.”

Now again, I’m sure if a protester decided to hold up a sign saying “Journalists deserve death,” and then said he was just doing it to make a “strong statement,” the media would accept that answer at face value and give him a nice easy time of it, wouldn’t they?

Or would it be added to the supposed pile of alleged evidence of “hate-filled far-right radicalism,” and cited frequently as an example of why new legislation is needed to clamp down on free speech?

Well, what do you think?

It is, in fact, remarkable what climate activists are allowed to get away with in Ireland and further afield.

For example, over the weekend the Irish Examiner decided to publish a nice interview and puff piece with Irish Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil activist Orla Murphy.

Of course Murphy herself is known for livestreaming a graffiti attack against the Department of Foreign Affairs building, for which she was charged with criminal damage, but received no jail time (for reasons best known to the judge). She has been convicted and fined multiple times for her disruptive so-called “direct action” in both the UK and Ireland.

It’s also worth pointing out that Just Stop Oil are the same radicals who have been running around throwing foodstuffs on iconic paintings and artworks for shock value.

One could also mention that Extinction Rebellion has been labelled an “extremist ideology” by UK counter-terrorism police.

And yet rather than taking the line that vandalism of public buildings and that illegal disruptive activities are unacceptable, this glowing Examiner article thought it more fitting to compare Murphy’s movement to the Suffragettes:

“It is hard not to draw parallels with the suffragette movement and imagine that history will smile just as fondly on the few who are standing up now, demanding a fairer world.”

Bear in mind that Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil are groups which were founded by a man by the name of Roger Hallam, who was the subject of controversy in 2019 when he was accused of downplaying the seriousness of the Holocaust, after he said it was “just another f*ckery in human history” and “almost a normal event.”

Additionally, speaking at an Amnesty International event, he said that to combat climate change it was necessary to “bring governments down”, and admitted that “some may die in the process…there’s no real change without pain.” Go to the timestamp of 6:48 to 6:57 in the video below if you don’t believe me.

And yet this group of obvious extremists, who systematically engage in illegal activities on a regular basis, are given basically no pushback by the media, and in fact often receive praise.

The same mainstream media that relentlessly bleats on about the dangerous rise of “hate speech,” the dreaded “far-right,” and “political extremism” is happy to give groups like XR a free pass to go as absolutely nutty and demented as they like. The same journalists who basically never shut up about “extremist bogeymen” morning, noon and night, when presented with actual political radicalism, haven’t got a thing to say about it, other than maybe a word of support.

If the media landscape at large want to be partisan ideologues for the climate lobby and far-Left NGO sector, that’s fine – just don’t insult people’s intelligence by doing this whole “we’re impartial” song and dance. People can see through it, and it’s getting old real fast.


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