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Response to US shootings exposes bigotry of progressive elites

After a clearly disturbed young man shot up a number of Asian massage parlours in Atlanta, Georgia, killing 8 people, the mainstream media line was that he was a white supremacist responding to former President Trump’s inflammatory language about the Covid virus.

That was an attractive spin for the innumerable race hustlers in the main stream media and so all of a sudden they became extremely concerned about an increasing problem of anti-Asian violence.

Nearly a week later in Boulder another mass shooting occured – and the immediate response from Twitter was “white supremacists are at it again”

An interesting thread from Caleb Hull collates the Twitter blue check canned outrage:

Until it transpired that the shooter was from Syria.

Some people noticed that tweets were rapidly being deleted from blue check twitter.


So the establishment response was all about demonising white people. If it wasn’t a white shooter, the tone changed to lets ban guns and mourn the victims. Now the latter two are legitimate issues which can be discussed, but doesn’t it all seem disingenuous? Don’t the left seem just a tad opportunistic and dishonest, not to mention malicious.

In the Atlanta shooting it turned out the shooter, according to his own confessions, had nothing specifically against Asians, it was “sex workers” he had a problem with, blaming them for his self-described “sex addiction.” The main stream media have not backed down on their patently false spin on the story, and tellingly they have not attempted to address the issue of human trafficking, which exploits poor Asians and other “people of color” trafficked from poorer countries.

The Left – people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Times and in Ireland, People Before Profit – love to lament about restrictions on immigration, but when they start implementing their ideas, who benefits?

AOC for instance is conspicuously absent now from America’s southern border where she was wont to indulge in pure melodrama at fenced facilities while shedding profuse tears about kids in cages. James O’Keefe is there though exposing the extreme crowding of kids in cages under Biden (though now they look more like fish tanks), living in inhumane conditions, packed into clear walled cubicles with nothing but a thin matress and foil blanket for comfort.

The conditions have been described as horrendous. An insider told the Epoch Times that “holding cells smell like urine and vomit. Fights break out in the unaccompanied-minor cells. Scabies, lice, the flu, and COVID-19 run rampant”

These are Biden’s “kids in cages,” but where is the outrage?

Why don’t the left care? When it can be turned into a white supremacist story they care, but otherwise barely  a whimper.

Andy Ngo, is a first generation Asian from the Leftist town of Portland, Oregon, but when he was severely beaten by left wing agitators last year the Portland police just stood by and watched.

However the same Portland came out in an outrage to condemn the anti Asian violence of the Atlanta shooter (even though the police investigators said it wasn’t anti-Asian violence). When do these people stop being opportunistic grifters?


There is plenty more opportunistic and utterly hypocritical virtue signaling from that corner. Oregon leaders condemn Atlanta attacks, report rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans – this, from a civic council where the entire town is pasted in slogans calling for the death of Andy Ngo.

It’s commonly understood at this stage that the left use identity politics to leverage other agendas. Whether its social engineering with some utopian society in mind, or just global corporatism, there is always some empathetic sounding angle to justify it.

Some people might think they are doing the poor a favour by sharing the opportunity and the wealth, but it is a reality that the business friends of the political and media class know that immigration depresses wages and increases profits. It’s a supply and demand thing.

New Jersey tax consultant, Chris Whalen, said that in his work he had noticed that before the pandemic minimum wages had become irrelevant to employers. Simply put, there was a high demand for labour and there was a shortage of workers so employers were paying way above the minimum wage.

Dave Morrisson, a folk musician and house painter from California, who left the Left and started the video blog, Blue Collar Logic, has the inside view on the jobs market that low skilled male workers fill. He has put in week long shifts painting multimillion dollar elite Californian mansions where there are frequently four or five attendants who can’t speak English working under an English speaking foreman. It looks like the elites who work in the cognitive industries are the chief beneficiaries of cheap nannies, gardeners, pool attendants, child minders etc. Are they only interested in the welfare of migrants “who only want to make a better life for themselves and their kids” or are they just after a cheaper work force?

The Trump initiatives actually addressed some of the innate problems with unchecked immigration. Application was done in the country the immigrant was coming from. Biden stopped that and incentivised the illegal crossing of the border. Ironically he may be going back to the Trump system as his messed up system is causing a border crisis.

Amnesty for immigrants is a can that is eternally kicked down the road, and the reason is that it creates an group who are sort of protected but not really protected as citizens, creating an unending serf class. These are the cheap concrete pourers and nannies and cleaners that allow the elite columnists and business friends of politicians to profit from their availability. In effect, unrestricted immigration and globalised markets is a commodidities trading in human labour, and that gets the cheapest labour to any global location.

The Left have cleverly framed this in terms of an insoluble problem, meaning they can profit off it forever. Firstly they frame everything in terms of race, and specifically white supremacy. It doesn’t matter that this can’t be measured and proven, in fact it is its very insolubility that makes it such a career goldmine for NGO types and race hustlers. Then there is an unending silo of baddies to blame and manage the response to. There will always be poor working class white people around, so there will always be a convenient scapegoat to hang the label “white supremacist” on.

This “racism fight” is never ending by design. Its a carousel; a gravy train.

It would be the race hustlers worst day if racism as they perceived it disappeared, because that would leave them out of an industry to ply their trade in. Don’t ever expect a person to find a solution when their job depends on there being a problem.  This is just a question of bread and butter.

This all distracts from the real problems that the Left’s policies and world-view promulgate. The Left don’t object to the trafficking of vulnerable women into the euphemistically termed “Massage Parlours” because as Aldous Huxley predicted in Brave New World, they think that the human person is just another thing that should be commodified.

Remember that term from Huxley’s dystopia; “everybody belongs to everybody else”? In his collectivist society the individual had no philosophical right to own anything, even their own body. Now think about how the left talk about black and brown “bodies” instead of people.

It sounds degrading because it is. Progressive leftist thought has taken the individual out of the equation and substituted ideology and group identity in for the person. Is it any wonder they don’t object to the commodifying of vulnerable people, while falsely claiming shootings as acts of “white supremacy” in order to further their own agenda.



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