Today, Monday the 21st November 2022 ceremonies will take place across Dublin related to the repatriation of the remains of Professor Jan Łukasiewicz, one of the 20th century’s leading figures in the field of logic and author of more than 50 academic works in the fields of mathematical logic and philosophy.

Professor Łukasiewicz found himself destitute as a result of the Second World War and was subsequently offered by the then Taoiseach Eamon de Valera to rebuild his life and academic career in Ireland.

His life was entwined with the tragic fate of Poland, his beloved country. Financially ruined as a result of the First World War, he was actively involved in reviving Polish education and science in the inter-war period (1918-1939). The Second World War destroyed nearly all of his scientific manuscripts, and the threat of a Communist regime forced him to flee his home country.  Now effectively a refugee, he accepted an offer of settlement and employment from the Irish State with gratitude and relief. Ireland gave him the opportunity and the resources to advance his scientific research and to publish one of the most important books of his career.

By the decision of the Polish government he will now come home to an independent Poland.

Polish government representatives will visit on the 21st of November at 11:15 the Royal Irish Academy, where a historical exhibition entitled The Life and Career of Professor Jan Łukasiewicz: Polish Genius of Logic, Philosopher and Post-War Refugee in Ireland is presented by the Polish Embassy in Dublin exploring the fascinating life and  achievements of one of the brightest minds in European science of the twentieth century.

The content of the exhibition was prepared by leading experts in the field – Prof. Jacek J. Jadacki (University of Warsaw) and Dr Eoin Kinsella (Royal Irish Academy) – and is accompanied by a variety of photographs, manuscripts and rarely seen documents drawn from various archives both in Ireland and Poland.

The exhibition was officially opened on 11 October 2022 in the Royal Irish Academy and will be hosted by the Academy until early 2023 following which it will embark on a nationwide tour.

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