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‘Religion not science’ fears for welfare of Irish children referred to Tavistock gender clinic


In the countdown to the release of Time to Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of the Tavistock’s Gender Service for Children a book authored by BBC journalist Hannah Barnes, concerts continue to be raised about the fallout from the now disgraced NHS gender clinic. 

Since 2015 238 Irish children were referred to Tavistock which operated a satellite gender clinic out of Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin. 

In a chapter of the book – which is to be released on the 23rd of February – dedicated to Irish patients of the clinic, Barnes interviewed Dr. Paul Moran and Professor Donal O’Shea of Ireland’s National Gender Service (NGS). 

Both have expressed serious concern for the way in which children referred to the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids) at theTavistock clinic in London were treated. 

In a report published in the The Times UK, journalist Patrick O’Donoghue quotes Dr. Moran as saying, 

“Endocrinologists started noticing that these people were experiencing a lot of problems. A lot of them weren’t ready for this.”

He continued, “Generally, what would happen is the endocrinologist would contact me saying, ‘Listen, I’ve got this kid here, we took him over from Crumlin and he looks very unwell, depressed, or he’s self-harming.’ That’s when we started to notice there’s a problem here with the assessments.”

Shockingly it was reported that in “many cases” Crumlin Children’s Hospital did not have the children’s medical files. 

According to the report Prof. O’Shay said that “The social situation was so chaotic that the idea that you would just jump in with hormones and start treating, without social work input, without liaising with the school, the key worker, you know, it was clearly potty,”.

It was also reported that the Tavistock clinic was “peddling unscientific fiction” by advertising “infinite possibilities” in relation to so-called gender identity.

The clinic displayed a character called the “Genderbread person” with the Telegraph claiming that children were “signposted” to “activist group” Gendered Intelligence. 



The report states that former staff of the clinic – which is to close this Spring –  ‘compared its treatment of children to the Mid Staffs hospital scandal or the doping of East German athletes in the 1960s and 1970s.”

Former Gids clinician Dr Matt Bristow told Hannah Barnes that some of the approximately 1,000 children referred to the clinic were self identifying as ‘trans-racial’, “Usually east Asian, Japanese, Korean, that sort of thing,” he said. 

Co-founder of the LGB Alliance, Kate Harris,  is quoted as saying she was “horrified” by children being exposed to the ‘Genderbread person’ character saying “everybody has said that this is fiction” and “it is not a nice fiction, it is an unpleasant fairytale, one of the ones with a dark side”. 


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