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SF TD tweets “Loads of Irish judges could be paedophiles, our water is poison, and Hitler was a pawn of Jewish Banks”

Reada Cronin, a newly elected Sinn Fein TD for Kildare North, regularly made controversial statements in the years before she was elected, including statements where she said she would be ‘unsurprised’ if ‘loads of judges’ were paedophiles; that she had thought a picture of monkeys in a building was a photo of the Israeli embassy and its staff; and that fluoride is a plot to sedate the Irish population. She also shared content that said that Hitler was a pawn of Jewish banks.

The newly discovered tweets come in the aftermath of a Sunday Times report at the weekend which revealed that Deputy Cronin accused the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, of interfering to cost Jeremy Corbyn the recent UK General Election. Sinn Fein has repeatedly called for so-called “hate speech” laws designed to criminalise allegedly anti-semitic, racist, or bigoted speech.

Deputy Cronin made her comments on the possibility that a large number of Irish judges may be secretly paedophiles in the context of discussing sentences handed down in Ireland for child sex abuse. An anonymous Twitter account put forward the possibility that “maybe loads of the judges are paedophiles” to which the Deputy responded, “Wouldn’t surprise me.”

On Hitler, Deputy Cronin tweeted that European wars were “instigated and funded by banks” before retweeting a message saying that Hitler was a pawn of the Jewish-founded Rothschild bank and that France, Germany, and England were all funded by banks owned by the, prominently Jewish, Rothschild family. This ties together with other messages sent by Deputy Cronin in which she says that financial institutions are secretly controlling the world.

Deputy Cronin says that Sinn Fein are the only party she trusts to take on ‘the banking empire’.

The idea that Jewish banks are secretly controlling the world is a long-standing anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, most prominently put forward in the 20th century in the hoax document the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols were a core part of Nazi propaganda and are understood to have influenced Hitler’s own views as to the best solution to what he termed ‘the Jewish problem’.

Deputy Cronin has been a consistent critic of Israel, having said that all decent people accept that Israel is a terrorist state, and she has consistently called for the boycott of all Israeli goods. She has also accusing Israel of spitting on their fore-father’s graves, taking Nazism to a new level, and committing genocide in Gaza.

Deputy Cronin once responded to a message containing an image of a large number of monkeys sitting at computers by saying that she had thought it was an image of the inside of the Israeli embassy.

Moving to the medical field Deputy Cronin has also said that fluoride is a poison, that it was added to water deliberately to sedate the Irish public, that being against fluoride should not be considered a conspiracy theory, and has called on politicians to “stop poisoning our waters.”

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