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POLL: 83% say we can’t cater for refugee numbers

A new poll has found that 83pc of those surveyed believe Ireland does not have the services to cater for the current number of people claiming asylum in the country.

This rose to 89pc for those aged over 55, and was strongest among people living in Dublin.

It also found that almost two-thirds of Irish people say the country should not continue to take in an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees.

The survey, by RED C for Virgin Media Television, looked at concerns around the rising numbers of migrants and asylum seekers in Ireland, with unprecedented strain on services.

Some four in 10 people said they or their families have poorer access to services due to migrants and asylum seekers arriving into the country.

While half of respondents say they feel more positive towards Ukrainian refugees coming to Ireland than those of other nationalities, almost two-thirds of people (64pc) disagreed that Ireland should continue to take in an unlimited number of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Amongst respondents aged 35 to 54 years, this rose to 70%.

Over a third of people said they would not support a migrant accommodation centre in their area, rising to 39pc in Dublin and 42pc among those aged 35 to 54.

50pc said they would support a migrant accommodation centre in their area, while 15pc were unsure whether they would support it or not.

Meanwhile 50pc of respondents said they would not support Ireland sending weapons to Ukraine, this compares to 36pc who said they would support such a move.

The poll results led to comments on social media which castigated NGOs for describing protests as ‘racist’ and insisting that no limits could be placed on refugees.

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