“Please don’t come for my kids”: trans activists target Muslim TikTok creator over her criticism of lgbti writer Jeffrey Marsh

A TikTok creator has voiced concerns for her safety and that of her children after she says she received threats after criticising American lgbti writer and activist Jeffrey Marsh.



In the now deleted content. Shumirun Nessa had criticised Marsh for repeatedly asking children to contact him personally via his Patreon which featured content titled “more on sex” and advice on how to “go no contact” with parents. .


Nessa compared his behaviour to grooming tactics of attempting to ‘gain access’ to and ‘isolate’ victims. 


After posting her criticism of Marsh, Nessa – who has over seven million followers on TikTok, – says she received an email containing disturbing details about her location, her childrens’ location and their daily routine. 

In a tearful video Nessa said the sender revealed details  about where she lived and what time she takes her children to and from school. 

“What scares me the most is that they have got my daughter’s details on the email.” she said. 

She says that four of five people had “done stuff” including damaging her car and posting old photos of her not wearing a hijab to social media adding “please don’t come for my kids”. 


Marsh frequently posts on social media addressing children with messages including, “Hi beautiful if you do not have a family that loves you, I’m going to be your family.”

The 45 year old frequently appears in garish makeup and wearing dresses and has said that he is “not a danger to children” but that he is “a danger to parents”. 

He has also repeatedly posts content encouraging children to go “no contact” with their parents. 


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