Last Monday, the government briefed the public on how they were expected to behave during Phase One of the lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions. 

They urged people to be “disciplined” and specifically not to have picnics.

“Please do your exercise and go home,”  the assistant secretary at the Department of the Taoiseach, Liz Canavan, said. “If you’re visiting a public amenity, try not to stay too long at the site or have picnics. As we ease restrictions from today. It’s really important that we are disciplined in keeping to the measures specified. Our ability to move through the phases will depend on sticking with it.”

Maybe Leo Varadkar, her boss, didn’t get the memo.

He was photographed yesterday in Phoenix Park having a picnic.

As John McGuirk wrote this morning: “This man is the leader of our country and the architect of the social distancing regulations that have separated families (some of us haven’t seen our mothers since Christmas) and caused the public to endure immense personal and economic hardship. And yet there he is, out in the park, without a care in the world and being cavalier at best about the regulations he expects the rest of us to follow.”