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No, Danny Healy-Rae’s pub is not another MerrionGate

There is certainly an element of “Oh, look over there!” about the mainstream Woodward/Bernstein exposé of people having the craic in the Healy Rae pub in Kilgarvan. And of course, predictably enough, the nodding donkeys have lit upon Danny Healy-Rae as an example of one of the Deplorables intent on killing us all in our beds with their super-spreading.

You would almost get the impression that they were all trying to compensate for the embarrassment caused to them by one of their own. Actually, dozens of their own who were partying with the former Special Envoy for Free Expression.

One of the terrible events, as it happens, was a family wedding reception held on their own premises, so it could not even be claimed that the Healey Raes were deliberately breaching the licensing restrictions. Perhaps they were technically in breach, and it is unlikely that, as with the Zappone gig in the Merrion Hotel, that they will be able to claim that they understood the regulations to mean that they could have the bar open. Just like the Merrion Hotel was really following the letter of the law that was misunderstood by every other hotel in the state.

Apart from all that whataboutery, they all seem to be overlooking the fact that Danny Healy-Rae has been consistently opposed to the restrictions that his pub is alleged to have breached. If there is any hypocrisy to be exposed in regard to either this event or the Zappone party, it is on the side of those who were in the Merrion Hotel.

The very definition of hypocrisy is doing things that you forbid, or condemn, other people doing. The sanctimoniousness of the elite is something to behold.  They were embarrassed again, and to hide that embarrassment they have been gifted with an opportunity to attack people who have been consistently critical of the overreach of the restrictions they are alleged to have breached in the first place.

There is also an element of unconscious snobbery in the reference to Danny Healy-Rae not wearing a mask as he pulls a pint – because of course one of the absurdities of re-opening is that staff are supposed to wear masks while the punters are not. This has been shown in countless shots of the unmasked great and the good swilling champagne in the enclosure at Ascot and other locations, while the help serve them masked. The surrealism of all of that appears to be lost on most people.

Let’s call a spade a spade here. Everyone who has supported or indeed imposed the restrictions that have been in place for the past 18 months, has a blind spot. Whether it is the political elite or their media pathics holding parties, or one sport being allowed function while others were not, or one party holding a political rally around a funeral, they have all suited themselves at one stage or another.

It is difficult too in the midst of all that not to discern a strong cultural element in how the restrictions have been enforced. We need go no further than the state ban, cheerlead as usual by the left “opposition”, on Catholic Communion and Confirmation ceremonies.

The Healy Rae story smacks of desperation to me. The liberal elite has been caught once more in all its glory; doing as it pleases as it celebrates someone who it is difficult to imagine could have had the career she had were it not that she landed among a deracinated class of people who resemble colonial governors as much as an organic ruling strata.

The Healy-Raes provide a handy distraction for them, because they seem to have convinced themselves that those who they want to distract from their own foibles regard the Healy-Raes in the same way as do Dublin liberals. I think they may be mistaken on that.


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