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N.I. officials: “More severe restrictions” may be needed

Northern Ireland health officials have warned that “more severe restrictions” may be needed in the North in the next month, and that Covid certs may not prevent the health service from coming under pressure.

According to the Department of Health in Northern Ireland, Covid cases have risen by 23% in the past week. Moreover, hospital admissions have risen by 19%, and occupancy is up 10%, with a reportedly high level of community transmission.

The Department has stated that work-from-home policies, and a widespread use of Covid certs in more “high risk” settings may be needed – but also admits that these policies may not be enough to reduce case numbers.

The Department has said that unless there is a major decline of Covid cases in the next three weeks or so, “more severe restrictions” may be needed around mid-December to save the healthcare system from being overrun – presumably referring to yet another winter lockdown.

To date 93.8% of the Northern Ireland adult population has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Notably, the Westminster government in Great Britain is discussing no such emergency measures, and it appears to be advice unique to Northern Ireland.

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