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More PPS numbers issued to Ukrainians than Irish citizens in 2022 – including Irish births

An analysis of new PPS numbers issued in July appear to indicate a slowing down of the number of Ukrainian refugees coming to Ireland, but an increase in the numbers arriving here from other countries.

A total of 25,652 new PPS numbers were issued in July, a fall of 763 on the figures for June. 5,553 of these were issued to Ukrainians, a fall of 1,026 from the previous month, which brings the total number of PPS numbers issued to Ukrainians so far this year to 46,436. That represents just over a quarter of all  PPS numbers issued so far this year.

More Ukrainians have been issued with PPS numbers this year than have been issued to Irish citizens, which is predominantly comprised of new births. The total number of PPS numbers issued to Irish citizens this year is 41,531. This represents just 22.6% of the total number of PPS numbers issued so far this year.

The total number of PPS numbers issued this year is 183,601; over 9,000 more than the total of 174,525 for the twelve months of 2021. At this rate there will be over 300,000 new PPS numbers issued by the end of 2022, and over 75% of them will be to people of other than Irish nationality.

So far this year, 27% of new PPS numbers have been issued to people who are not Irish or any other EU nationality, and not among those claiming refugee status from Ukraine.

This is an unprecedented demographic change for the Irish state, and indeed the most significant for the island as a whole since the middle of the 19th century following the catastrophe of the Great Hunger.

Those who believe that this is a good thing really need to start being honest and explain how this is in anyway sustainable.

The growing housing lists and the fact that new housing completions will be nowhere near to meeting even existing demand means that the current rate of inward migration is simply not sustainable. The same applies to all areas of public provision including education, transport, policing and health.

This requires a serious rethink on the part of the state which is now reduced to asking sports clubs to possibly suspend what they are supposed to be doing in order to accommodate Ukrainian refugees. And that is only to a large part due to the fact that the number of people coming here to claim asylum or social welfare from other countries is also growing rapidly.

Neither government nor the main opposition appear to have any plausible solutions to any of this.

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