It’s not easy being a beloved celebrity in Ireland these days, as Marian Keyes found out to her cost this afternoon.

The best-selling Rachel’s Holiday author has almost 187,000 followers on twitter, where she shares insights about her life, blended with reliably progressive and feminist political views on the issues of the day.

This afternoon, however, eagle-eyed followers spotted that Keyes had “liked” a tweet from British radio presenter and columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer, in which Greta Thunberg was criticised for drinking from a single-use plastic bottle:

The response from her progressive and liberal followers was, apparently, swift and brutal, and shook Marian Keyes enough for her to threaten to leave twitter for good, calling it a “hellsite” in a since-deleted tweet.

Keyes maintains that she liked the tweet “by accident” having spotted a picture of Ms Thunberg on her timeline and liking it reflexively:

Keyes also said that the photo of Ms Thunberg had made her happy, but that as a result of the criticism, she was now “sad as fuvk”:

Some users begged Keyes to remain on the social media platform and help to “make it a better place”:

One user even went so far as to apologise for criticising Ms Keyes in the first place, and said that she, herself, was now crying:

The row between Ms Keyes and her followers comes in the wake of an Irish Times article this weekend by Maria Steen, in which she said that “Liberals fail to practice what they preach about tolerance”:

For those on the other side, be they Catholics or political conservatives or anyone who does not subscribe to the new liberal orthodoxy, they are no longer expected merely to tolerate those views with which they disagree, but to affirm and celebrate them – anything less is seen as bigotry or any one of a hundred categories of phobia. Meanwhile, secular liberals can be as intolerant as they like, verbally attacking people and their characters while almost never engaging with and debating their ideas.