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Less than 25 people under 35 have died of COVID-19 in Ireland

New figures released by the Department of Health show that less than 25 people under 35 years of age have died as a result of COVID-19. That is despite the fact there have been 262,186 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in those under 35.

The figures were released as part of the Department’s Health in Ireland – Key Trends 2021 report.

Of the 262,186 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in those under 35, 3,136 of those required hospitalisation, with 157 receiving treatment in an ICU.

As such, 1 in every 83 confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst this age demographic were hospitalised, 1 in every 1,670 ended up in ICU, and 1 in every 10,487 cases resulted in death.

Amongst 25–34-year-olds there were 15 deaths, stemming from 83,870 confirmed cases – the highest number of confirmed cases of any age bracket. That is 1 death for every 5,591 confirmed cases, although there was 1 hospitalisation for every 56 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in this age bracket.

The figures sharply demonstrate that age is the single largest contributing factor to death from COVID-19, with those older than 85 facing particularly bad outcomes.

The number of deaths in each age category begins to rise sharply after age 34, with 40 people between 35-44 having died of COVID-19 in the same period; 120 of those aged 45-54 having died; 323 of those aged 55-64 having died; 907 of those aged 65-74 having died; 1,871 of those aged 75-84 having died; and 2,307 of those aged 85+ having died.

Amongst those aged over 85+, nearly 25% of confirmed COVID-19 cases ended in death.

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