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Leo: Sinn Féin views mixed-race people, gays & women as “fair game”, you know

We have just lived through yet another week in Ireland which demonstrates that our politics is now composed of nothing more than dueling accusations of racism and misogyny, which cover up the fact that our politicians and parties ultimately agree on basically everything.

In the wake of the numerous Brian Stanley controversies, Tainaiste Leo Varadkar has claimed that Sinn Féin views gay people, young women, and mixed-race individuals as “fair game” for attack, provided they are not members of the Sinn Féin party.

Now, far be it from us to defend Sinn Fein, who are fond of throwing out such accusations themselves. But throughout this whole ordeal, Stanley has (in my view ludicrously) been accused of both racism and homophobia, because, in a nutshell, he said that Leo Varadkar shouldn’t get special treatment for what he does in the bedroom, and in March said that we should be careful not to import food from countries and regions with a lot of covid-19.

Since then, there has been utter pandemonium, with hypersensitive politically-correct ninnies blasting him from all angles in the media, the government, and even the ranks of his own party.

Seeing this and clearly seizing on an opportunity to really twist the politically-correct knife, Leo Varadkar said:

“In the way they’re dealing with this, they do send out a message that if you’re a Sinn Féin supporter, and you’re gay, or you’re a young woman, or you’re mixed race, you’ll be celebrated. But if you’re an opponent of Sinn Féin, and you’re gay or mixed-race, or you’re a young woman, that’s fair game. And you see that in the way they conduct themselves. And I have a problem with that.”

He went on to say that Mary Lou was seeking to justify “latent homophobia” and that he found this “truly nauseating.”

This isn’t the first time Varadkar tried this stunt – just recently he laughably claimed that many of Sinn Féin’s supporters were racist homophobes.

Yes – Sinn Féin, the self-described Socialist party, are apparently “far-right”. Earlier in the year he even compared Mary Lou McDonald to Donald Trump.

In other words, he’s implying Sinn Féin is “bigoted” towards racial minorities, or has a tolerance for such bigotry.

Now, let’s put aside for a moment the fact that Leo said the precise opposite just a few months ago – that Sinn Féin’s problem is they’re too critical of white males, and are essentially too progressive and liberal.

In October they were too PC – now they’re not PC enough. It seems like this man wants to be all things to all people. He stands everywhere and nowhere on the political spectrum, and will contradict himself from one week to the next to bash his political opponents. But really that’s besides the point.

Sinn Féin have played this game as well – Mary Lou herself is known for accusing her opponents of “mansplaining”, and loves to play the feminist identity politics card.

You even have Sinn Féin TDs at their Ard Fheis saying that Leo Varadkar is “is so far right he outdoes Marine Le Pen”.

The real question is, how long are we going to keep up this ludicrous, childish charade where we pretend Irish political parties are not 100% united in their support for radical social justice?

Sinn Féin is the same party that set up a Black Lives Matter mural in Belfast and broke covid lockdown to hold their own BLM rally. They are clearly all about racial identity politics, and make no bones about it.

Meanwhile, around the same time, Leo went on a screed in the Dáil about how Ireland is a racist dump while the US was rioting, and even complained that the civil service as “very white”, saying “that needs to change”. On this matter, Mary Lou and Leo clearly agree.

Sinn Féin wants to give amnesty to illegal immigrants? Well guess what – so do Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Greens. Again, on immigration, they are in complete agreement.

Both camps believe in racial quotas and gender quotas for politics.

Both camps support hate speech and hate crime laws.

Both camps support abortion and gay marriage. Both camps support the covid lockdown, open borders and feminism.

Fine Gael wants to allow under-16s to change their gender, and Sinn Féin wants to let children take their parents to court to change their gender.


On and on and on the examples go, on issue after issue. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Behind all the bickering, and apparent shots across the bough, they are all marching together in lockstep off the cliff of liberal insanity. Which makes all of these accusations of “racism”, “sexism”, “homophobia” and so on ring all the more hollow.

Ultimately, these parties have nothing serious or substantive to argue about, so instead they just smear each other with these idiotic bogeyman labels to con the general public into thinking they disagree on anything meaningful.

And so the nonsense accusations flow ad infinitum, while both parties continue voting with each other on the same catastrophic Leftwing policies.

Honestly, at a certain point, this circus gets tiresome.

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