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Irish Farmers Left in the Cold by Fianna Fáil’s Neglect, Cork TD Says

Ireland’s farmers are feeling increasingly disregarded as the government continues to press for emissions reduction, diminishing crop yields, production, and profitability, a rural TD has said.

Deputy Michael Collins has strongly condemned what he described as Fianna Fáil’s indifference towards Ireland’s farming community.

“The omission of agriculture from the party’s think-in agenda, held in Tipperary amidst the nation’s fertile farmlands, sends an alarming signal that Fianna Fáil’s commitment to supporting farmers is eroding rapidly. This negligence is posing detrimental consequences for sectors including beef, sheep, and dairy, coupled with the relentless push to curtail fertilizer usage,” he said.

Deputy Collins shared his concerns from his Cork South West constituency:

“The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) protest outside the Fianna Fáil think-in in Co. Tipperary today is a glaring testament to the dire straits our farming community finds itself in. This government’s consistent undermining and disrespect towards them have reached new heights.”

“The government has tunnel vision when it comes to climate change. They too often won’t take off their green-tinted glasses to see the broader impact, and that’s precisely what’s missing here.”

“The severe emission reduction targets, threatening to shrink our herds, combined with the ever-expanding bureaucracy, paint a bleak picture. Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue’s willingness to negotiate detrimental nitrates reductions via Zoom displays a shocking lack of commitment to our farmers’ well-being.”

“Come January, amended nitrates regulations will impose even stricter manure-spreading rules, potentially costing dairy farmers up to €40,000 annually. This has occurred because of the astonishing failure of the Agriculture Minister to stand up for farmers’ interests. He instead chose to bat with climate change bureaucrats in Brussels.”

“This dismissive and laissez-faire approach towards our farmers is not just disgraceful; it’s unjust. These individuals have dedicated themselves to building their enterprises and supporting rural areas. Over the past decade, they were actively encouraged by successive Irish governments to boost dairy production, with quotas eliminated as a green light.”

“Now, Minister McConalogue is undermining their progress by failing to secure EU approval for a nitrogen derogation. This is a disservice to the staunch dedication and resilience of our farming community,” concluded Deputy Collins.

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