Ireland is under the most restrictive lockdown in EU, according to Oxford report

Ireland is currently under one of the most restrictive covid-19 lockdowns in the world, and the worst in Europe, according to analysis by Oxford University.

Ireland’s Level 5 restrictions ranked near the top of the global “stringency index” which has been developed by the university, and which records the strictness of lockdown policies across more than 180 countries on a scale of 1 to 100. It takes into account workplace closures, public gathering bans, travel bans, stay-at-home orders, and school closures.

Ireland currently has a score of 85.1. This is slightly down from a high of 87.9 earlier in the month, after special needs classes were allowed to resume in person.

The Republic of Ireland ranks 6th strictest in the world, beaten only by Eritrea at number 1 (88.9), Venezuela at number 2 (87.9), and Zimbabwe, Peru and the United Kingdom all tied at 86.1.

For context, Germany ranks at 83.3, Italy at 82.4, and France at 63.8.

The most lenient countries in the world are Somalia (2.7), Nicaragua (8.3), and Tanzania (8.3).

Additionally, according to the Oxford Coronavirus Government Response Tracker, Irish workplaces have been closed for longer than any other EU country, at a total of 163 days (graph from Reuters).

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