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Green Senator slams “Greens vs rural, very low brow, un-intelligent, populist” narrative

A Green Party Senator has hit out at rural movements that oppose green policies saying that a narrative of “Greens versus rural, very low brow, un-intelligent, populist kind of narrative” suited some vested interests.

She made the comments to the Irish Daily Mail when discussing the likelihood of a new political party which would take a “pro-agriculture” stance.

After the success of the Dutch farmers party, the BBB, last month, Irish rural TDs have discussed establishing a new party, as they say ‘untold damage’ is being done to by policies including a ban on peat harvesting and proposals to cull herds.

However, not everyone was supportive of plans, with the Irish Daily Mail quoting the Green Party’s rural development spokeswoman, Senator Róisín Garve, hitting back, saying:

‘I don’t know what their definition of “rural” is. Is it anybody outside the Pale?… Little turf fires like Peig Sayers? Most of rural Ireland isn’t that at all. Things have changed and the lads need to get with it.’

The paper said: “When asked if the Government and the Greens had done enough to bring the public along on the likely transformational change that will come over the decades, Ms Garvey said:

‘I think it’s tricky when there’s a Greens versus rural, very low brow, un-intelligent, populist kind of narrative that suits some vested interests, and some people who don’t want anything to change. That’s not an intelligent debate.’

Her comments met with some pushback on Twitter, with one commentator describing them as a “series of insults”.

One wag suggested: “‘Vote for us, you culchie morons” – next Green Party campaign slogan’.”

Ms Garvey defended the Green’s policies, saying the party had plans for rural development and that ‘talk is cheap’.

However, Rural TDs Mattie McGrath and Michael Collins said that the farmers of rural Ireland were being bullied and it was necessary to defend them – saying they were being ‘sold out’.


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