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Government admits the country is full – Well, we already knew that

Minister Roderic O’Gorman has said the state cannot guarantee accommodation for Ukrainian refugees and others seeking international protection by next week because of ‘capacity issues’.

O’Gorman seems to be finally admitting what anyone with a basic grasp about how numbers work would have been able to tell you the moment they heard the words ‘unlimited’ and ‘no cap’ in relation to the tens of thousands who have arrived on our shores over the last few months.

The announcement came after yesterday’s revelation that the CityWest direct provision centre is now full – much like the rest of the country.

RTÉ reported, “The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, earlier said Ukrainian refugees and international protection applicants who arrived at Dublin Airport would be asked to wait there, because the Citywest Transit Hub had reached capacity this afternoon.”

Adding, “However, a Department spokesperson said that this would not now be happening.”

The report continues, “He said the situation was evolving and it had now been decided that new arrivals would be transported to Citywest where women and children would be accommodated, while NGOs would attempt to find accommodation for single men.”

O’Gorman ruled out limiting numbers saying, “I know some people will say ‘put a cap on arrivals’. That’s not possible as long as we’re members of the European Union.

Is any of this surprising? Not to anyone who understands supply and demand.
Minister Simon Coveney has compared the government’s response to a “war effort” and called for a cabinet meeting to be held on Monday.

Gript has published article after article detailing how this island cannot cope with the now nearly 60,000 Ukrainians fleeing their homes, never mind the thousands of others seeking asylum, many of whom are from countries where there is no conflict to seek refuge from.

Large numbers of these come from places like Georgia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Albania, and Nigeria.

Put simply we are being scammed up to the eyeballs by bogus asylum claims and you – the taxpayer – is financing all of this.

Last year Indian national Nadim Hussain went on ‘hunger strike’ after being refused asylum.

If there’s a war or large scale persecution ongoing in India I haven’t heard about it. Despite his asylum claim being rejected, Hussein has been allowed to stay in Ireland and has had numerous photos taken with politicians like Micheál Martin – I have to wonder what Martin would think if an Irish person went on hunger strike over the seemingly ever deteriorating condition of our country.

Hussein’s is just one case, and, of course, he may well have very good reasons for seeking asylum which have not been made public. But the public cannot be blamed if such cases do heighten their scepticism that the system is working as it should.

People who make bogus asylum claims are taking up accommodation and resources that should be available for struggling Irish citizens, and genuine refugees. It’s past time to fix the mess our irresponsible leaders have made.

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