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Fauci agency accused of funding torture of puppies

When the satirical Babylon Bee – which proudly trumpets its claim to provide ‘Fake News You Can Trust’ – publishes a piece that may not be too wide of the sordid reality, then the target might realise that they are in real bother.

Photo Credit: White Coat Waste Project as published in the Hill

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Thus it transpires that it’s reference to the connection between Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, best known for its part in the whole Wuhan Institute of Virology caper, and the torture of puppies appears to be well grounded. Based if I may.

All of this concerns a letter signed by 24 mostly Republican members of the US House of Representatives to the overall funding body, the National Institute of Health, demanding a response to evidence which appears to show that the NIAID partly funded a laboratory in Tunisia where appalling experiments on live dogs are alleged to have taken place. The letter was revealed in a piece in The Hill published on Friday.


The letter is based on research conducted by the White Coat Waste group which campaigns against what they consider to be unnecessary experimentation on animals. The group was able to access documentation from the NIH which details that NIAID provided $1.68 million to fund experiments that involved

  • Force feeding and dissection of 44 six to eight week old Beagle pups
  • The cutting of the dog’s vocal cords to stop them barking and disturbing the experimenters
  • Infesting puppies with flies carrying a disease causing parasite

Part of the latter procedure is alleged to have involved drugging the pups and locking their heads in mesh cages where the files could eat them alive. Beagles were also claimed to have been left in the desert in order to act as bait to attract the flies that the experimenters were conducting research on.

The National Institute of Health has justified animal experiments where they claim they “provide data of suitable quality and integrity to support application to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA,” but the FDA has stated that “it does not mandate that human drugs be studied in dogs.”

Those opposed to the practise of using dogs, often for the development of non emergency and non critical applications including those best described as cosmetic, nonetheless claim that the FDA is the beneficiary on a large scale of the experimental use of tens of thousands of dogs and other animals.

As the National Review has stated in reference to this story, funding for the Tunisian misuse of dogs would seem to fall under what it describes as the “outsourcing ethics.” Experiments that would be considered morally unacceptable and even illegal in the United States are contracted out to companies operating in countries where such considerations barely exist.

Which in relation to the Fauci/NIAID/Wuhan connection has implications for how the kind of research on bat coronaviruses alleged to have been conducted by the Institute of Virology was funded, and indeed encouraged by the American authorities.

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