“Don’t buy them”: New SPHE book contains ‘misleading’ and ‘unscientific’ trans content say parents

New draft SPHE textbooks for first year students in school which tell children they are ‘cisgender’ if their biological sex has been assigned at birth, have been described as “misleading” – and as presenting a “theory that is not supported by scientific evidence”.

Women’s groups and parents are urging parents not to purchase the schoolbooks – while a leading psychotherapist has said that it was “concerning” that material was being offered “without a preface that highlights that all this is based upon a theory that is not supported by scientific evidence”.

The Irish Education Alliance told Gript: “There is now mounting evidence that confusing children and rushing to affirming any conflicting feelings about gender can set children on an irreversible path and cause harm. Look at the Tavistock scandal. Schools have a responsibility to children.”

“Parents should refuse to buy these books and schools need to really think about the potential for harm to children,” Jana Lunden a mother and founder of the Natural Women’s Council, who partner with the Irish Education Alliance and Parents Rights Alliance said.

“My message to parents is not to buy these books – and tell the school why you are not buying them, because they are parroting an unscientific ideology,” she said.

Although sources tell Gript that the specifications for the new SPHE course has not yet been signed off by the Minister, at least two educational publishers, the Edco (the Educational Company of Ireland) and Educate.ie have provided new books, pdfs of which have been seen by this writer.


Page 183 of “Health and Wellbeing, SPHE, First Year, from the Junior Cycle Specification. Publishers: Edco” 

From ‘You’ve Got This. Book 1. Junior Cycle SPHE, First Year. Publishers, Educate.ie. 

The Countess, a human rights organisation, slammed the draft SPHE textbook by Edco as misleading, and they said the textbook “uses the manipulative and unscientific Genderbread Person infographic to teach students that sex is on a “spectrum”.

Leading psychotherapist, Stella O’Malley, who examined the section from the educate.ie SPHE book said that “while it is clear that the SPHE is making an attempt to offer an unbiased account of the gender theory belief system, it is concerning that they offer this material without a preface that highlights that all this is based upon a theory that is not supported by scientific evidence”.

Educate.ie did not respond to Gript’s queries on the book at time of going to press.

The CEO and Founder of The Countess, Laoise De Brún BL, said, “This content does not reflect changes demanded by parents in the SPHE public consultation”.

“The Department of Education appears to be showing the same level of distain for parents’ concerns as the Taoiseach demonstrated for those concerned about the content of proposed hate crime legislation.”

The Countess claims the Department of Education is “institutionally captured by gender ideology, i.e., the belief that humans can change sex, despite the fact that most people do not share this belief “.

“They claim that teaching children this concept contrary to the values or beliefs of their family of origin is unacceptable. Teaching it as a fact rather than a belief amounts to indoctrination, and assuming it is a universal belief excludes those who don’t subscribe to it,” she said.

Ms. De Brún stated: “This sinister Genderbread Person cartoon suggests that human genitalia are interchangeable.”

“Its use undermines the Stay Safe programme and safeguarding norms that encourage children to correctly name their body parts,” she said.

She added, “It is remarkable that the new SPHE curriculum has yet to be signed off as the end of the school year approaches.”

“Minister Foley appears to be paralysed by the power of the trans lobby on one side and growing anger from parents and constituents on the other. Her inability to change course and respect the wishes of her parents is surprising.”

The Countess is also urging parents to invoke their constitutional and statutory rights as their children’s primary educators by demanding that principals choose fact-based SPHE textbooks written in accordance with the curriculum and common sense.

“Alternative SPHE textbooks will be available from other publishers, some of whom have delayed publishing until the curriculum is approved. The Countess Schools and Safeguarding Team will continue to monitor the rollout of the new curriculum and advocate for the rights of children to a fact-based education,” she said.

Meanwhile, a group of British parents whose children changed gender have announced plans to sue the Department for Education for not protecting their children from trans ideology in schools.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the parents are accusing Ministers of failing to issue guidance to teachers and allowing “damaging” gender ideology to be pushed by LBGT lobbying groups in schools.

It is alleged that some teachers did not alert parents when their children decided to switch gender, while others were accused of encouraging gender transition, despite, it is claimed, that NHS psychologists warned against it.



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