Doctors said they wouldn’t survive but BOTH twins born healthy after Belfast Mum beats Covid 

A Belfast mother has given birth to twins girls after being put into a coma and ventilated for 10 days back in April when she battled COVID-19.

Her fiance Bryan Green was previously told by doctors that the babies wouldn’t survive the ordeal.

Danielle Martin was nine weeks pregnant when she began to feel that she was ‘suffocating’ and was rushed to hospital, where her condition deteriorated rapidly, and she was put into a coma and ventilated.

It was only then that the couple discovered that they were expecting twins!

Last week both little girls were both born hale and healthy despite their mother’s ordeal. They were named Ava and Amelia by their proud and relieved parents.

“Well here is our 2 little princesses Ava and Amelia and doing absolutely amazing! Danielle is also doing fantastic! She deserves a medal! Best feeling in the world,” dad Bryan posted to Facebook.

“What an experience! And what a mad year our family has had! Danielle catching covid-19 and having to be put in a coma and ventilated for 10 days! And being told our little baby that was in Danielle’s tummy at only 10 weeks would not survive and it would be a miracle if it did! Then Danielle comes out of the coma to be told you have 2 little miracles growing healthy in there!” he explained.

“Danielle is also doing fantastic! She deserves a medal! Best feeling in the world,” said the proud Dad.

Dad Bryan said there were tears all around when they got the good news that brave mum Danielle had fought off Covid and managed to pull both babies through.

‘There were tears all around that day – I was down my mum’s house and we were all crying,” he told Metro UK.