Idaho Department of Correction

Convicted Child Rapist Awarded $2.5M in legal fees over gender treatment row

Denied ‘gender affirming care’

A biological male who identifies are a woman has been awarded $2,500,000 in legal fees after after suing the state of Idaho for not providing ‘gender affirming care’ to him while he was imprisoned after being convicted of raping a 15 year old boy. 

Reduxx reports Ardee Edmo formerly Mason Edmo – “first launched a lawsuit against the state of Idaho and the state department of correction’s medical provider, Corizon Correctional Healthcare, in 2017 after being denied “gender” surgeries”.

Edmo also demanded to be transferred to a women’s prison and that he be provided with ‘gender appropriate’ clothing.  

In 2018 lawyers for the state of Idaho appealed an earlier case where it was ruled that Edmo be allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery while in custody.

NBC News reported that “medical professionals ‘universally agreed that ‘she’ did not qualify for the surgery given her uncontrolled mental health issues” but that Edmo refused to participate in therapy that would have helped get ‘her’ ready for the procedure.’

This decision was overturned in 2019 when District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmillfound that gender confirmation surgery was the least intrusive, and in this case the only effective, method to treat Plaintiff’s gender dysphoria”. 

Continuing that he “concluded “[i]f she is not provided with surgery, Ms. Edmo has indicated that she will try self-surgery again to deal with her extreme episodes of gender dysphoria.”



Reduxx reported a former partner of Edmo had said ​​he “had not been living as a woman before going to prison and had always presented as a masculine gay man.”


Adding, “Never once indicated anything of gender dysphoria,” Summers said, recounting his experience with Edmo, “He was a predator. He, on several occasions, had his way with me. It was brutal.”

The $2.5M was awarded to cover legal with reduxx reporting “Edmo was represented in his case by seven different attorneys, including lawyers from the National Center for Lesbian Rights.”  


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