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IRONY: Civil Liberties NGO wants ban on abortion protests near hospitals

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) claim exclusion zones are needed to prevent protests against abortion taking place near hospitals.

An Irish NGO claiming to stand for human rights appears to have (once again) fallen at the first hurdle, only to dust itself off and land in the mud for the second time too, consistently and calamitously misunderstanding the very meaning of the words “human” and “rights”.

One would have thought it a simple enough task to apply the right to life to all innocent little humans, but not so for those modern and purportedly progressive campaigners who turn a blind eye to rationality in favour of allowing grown-ups get rid of their unwanted offspring.

This glaring error of dismissing inconvenient facts about when life begins has been glossed over by an assured and confident insinuation that tearing little ones limb from limb in the womb is actually a human right in itself, a choice to dismember that must be afforded to all.

Abortion is, they tell us with straight faces, an important part of healthcare, with its laudable goal of stopping your little one’s heartbeat.

And woe betide those who might see a problem with killing off little humans – how dare they protest outside a hospital where unwanted babies are unmercifully exterminated.

The ICCL and their fellow travellers are quite certain that a woman’s supposed right to choose abortion is so hallowed that it should trump not only the little one’s right to life, but also the right to protest their death.

Ireland today has indeed committed itself to a form of insanity, calling good “evil”, and evil “good”.

An ICCL statement released last week claims the protests shame people and deter doctors from performing abortions, with only one in ten GPs signed up to hand out abortion pills, citing those reasons and more as justification for further restricting the right to protest.

I wonder would the ICCL like to criminalise any other inconvenient protests? Time will tell.

Their intolerance towards pro-life protestors is all the more surprising in light of Garda Commissioner Drew Harris’ 2019 statement that there was “no evidence to suggest that there is threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour directed towards persons utilising such (abortion) services.”

“I confirm my satisfaction with existing public order legislation to adequately deal with any reasonable public order incident that may arise at such centres,” the Commissioner told Minister Simon Harris.

“I re-confirm my views expressed at our recent meeting that protests to date at such centres have not contravened the law and are peaceful.

“To date no incident of criminality has been reported or observed as a result of a protest placed at or near the vicinity of a service centre.

“Consequently, the introduction of any further legislation to ensure ‘safe access’ to termination pregnancy services, would be redundant at this time.”

Rather like a dog with a bone, the ICCL seem undeterred in their campaign to criminalise people who oppose the right to kill.

Silencing dissenters has long been the tactic of bullies, but they can only cover-up this particular human rights abuse for so long.

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