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China: West “must be held accountable” for “great suffering” in Afghanistan

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has declared that the US, Britain, Australia and other Western countries “must be held accountable” for their “violations of human rights” caused by “military interventions in sovereign states” such as Afghanistan.

The remarks were made in Geneva, Switzerland by Chen Xu, Chinese ambassador to the UN, during a United Nations Human Rights Council meeting regarding the situation in Afghanistan.

“The US, UK, Australia and other countries must be held accountable for the violation of human rights committed by their military in Afghanistan and the evolution of this current session should cover this issue,” Xu said.

“Under the banner of democracy and human rights the U.S. and other countries carry out military interventions in other sovereign states and impose their own model on countries with vastly different history and culture,” he added, saying that the West had caused “great suffering” in the region.

However, China has its own history of imperialistic aggression towards neighbouring regions, including Tibet, Hong Kong and, more recently, Taiwan.

“After the fall of the Kabul regime, the Taiwan authorities must be trembling,” said Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief at the CCP-run Global Times.

“Don’t look forward to the US to protect them. Taipei officials need to quietly mail-order a Five-Star Red Flag from the Chinese mainland. It will be useful one day when they surrender to the PLA.”

The PLA is the People’s Liberation Army, the armed forces of China.

CCP outlets have gloated extensively about the West’s perceived failure in Afghanistan, with the Global Times publishing an article declaring “The real winner of this disaster is China.”

China has also been cozying up to the Taliban, urging the West not to impose sanctions on the Islamist regime, and courting trade relations with the mineral-rich country despite their abuse of millions of Uyghur muslims in concentration camps just across the Chinese border.




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