Australian Truck Drivers Demand Fuel Levy as Prices Continue to Rise

Well over 100 truckers have brought Melbourne to a standstill in protest over the cost of fuel.

The truckers say that diesel prices have gone up 50 cent (AUD) per litre in the past few months and that this is having a severely negative effect on their livelihood.

They are demanding that the government and plant hires implement a levy in order to allow them to claim fuel costs back under expenses.

A notice released by the Victoria Truckers United (VTU) reads: “We can no longer be expected to shoulder the extremely high price of fuel all on our own. It’s already unprofitable to run a tipper and we know the price of diesel will rise by 22 per litre on the first of September. Plant hire companies and clients must start paying a fuel levy to help us cover these costs.”

The truckers plan to head to the Australian Parliament in Victoria and circle around it in their vehicles.

Convoy member Ricky Woolcock said the situation was such that many of his fellows have to choose between feeding their families and fueling their trucks “It’s not a decision anyone wants to make”, he said.

Another trucker spoke of having to pay an extra “10 grand a year” in fuel expenses saying they have to pay it “out of our tax”.

As of the 18th of July, fuel prices in Australia were €1.37 per litre and €5.213 per gallon (US) compared to approximately €1 per litre this time last year.

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