South Dublin County Council (SDCC) has awarded the dog pound tender previously held by Ashton Dog Pound to Midlands Animal Care.

The awarding of the tender to Midlands comes after a year which saw Ashton raided by police amidst accusations of animal neglect and revelations by Gript that hundreds of dogs had been improperly put down using a highly controlled substance called Dolethal. The resulting criminal investigation is understood to still be ongoing. Documents seen by Gript show that the Department of Heritage had been aware of concerns about the standards of animal welfare in the pound for years.

The tender document was itself amended in January after Gript submitted questions to SDCC regarding certain provisions which procurement experts had told Gript would advantage Ashton Dog Pound.

Midlands is expected to take over the pound services from July the 1st of this year, with the tender expected to run until at least 2023.

Aston is still providing services to other County Councils, but those tenders are also due for review this year.