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Anne Hathaway says ‘abortion can be another word for mercy’, the Internet disagrees.

Actress says abortion is ‘mercy’

Actress Anne Hathaway is experiencing backlash over comments she made on a recent appearance of American talk show ‘The View’.

In a comment related to the recent US Supreme Court overturning of Roe – v – Wade, the 39yr old said that abortion “can be another word for mercy”. 



Hathaway emphasised the ‘importance’ of “reproductive destiny” regarding the pursuit of career. 

“This is not a moral conversation about abortion”, she said adding, “this is a practical conversation about women’s rights”. 

At this point Hathaway interjected into her own thought pattern to assert that, ‘by the way women’s rights are human rights’. 

Hundreds of commenters expressed firm disagreement to Hathaway’s words.

 Many were disturbed by her claim that abortion was ‘mercy’ pointing to what they perceive as the total lack of mercy shown to every child killed by abortion.

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