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African Heroine: Obianuju Ekeocha’s battle to be heard

One of the most important voices in the international pro life movement, Obianuju Ekeocha, has had something to say about the current purge of social media inspired by the Big Tech/Democrat taking of the White House.

Referring to Twitter’s banning of large numbers of critical voices which has seen the closure or blocking of a wide range of non leftist opinion, including those who support the rights of the unborn, she did not pull any punches in comparing it to her experience as a black Nigerian woman during the former brutal military dictatorship in that country.

Uju’s book Target Africa: Ideological Colonialism in the Twenty First Century is a powerful exposure of the motivations and blackmail that lie behind western states attempt to induce sub-Saharan African countries to legalise abortion.

Ekeocha’s argument, as explained in an interview for this year’s Rally for Life with Niamh Uí Bhriain, is that African women want efforts directed at improving maternal healthcare rather than the imposition of abortion – as well as tackling the conditions that mean that many children live in poverty.

South Africa is one of the few African states to have introduced abortion on demand which it legalised in 1996 not long after taking power. That earned it the plaudits of the liberal left, who are prepared to overlook the ANC’s almost total failure to improve the actual life conditions of the majority of South Africans of any colour.

Sadly from an Irish perspective, Ekeocha refers to the shameful post abortion referendum joining of the Irish state in using Irish Aid as a means of promoting abortion in targeted African states. She referred to the former Senator Catherine Noone, one of the most avowed pro-abortionists in Fine Gael, who along with then Minister Katherine Zappone and Fine Gael MEP Francis Fitzgerald, attended the November 2019 International Conference on Population and Development in Nairobi, Kenya

As reported here previously, Noone, in the manner of 19th century pith helmeted colonisers, tweeted arrogantly about how they were going to bring the “inspiration” of having brought abortion on demand to Ireland to other former colonized people.

Said people, who were possibly under the misapprehension that such junkets have something to do with saving rather than taking lives, were not impressed. Mass protests resulted in the Kenyan Parliament voting to deny access to UNFPA to its assembly, and passing a motion against any tying of aid to abortion.

The Irish state both through Noone and Zappone, the Irish Embassy in Nairobi and Irish Aid, were complicit in stage managing an event that was carefully designed to exclude any meaningful opposition to the agenda of the pro abortion lobby. Such was the furore caused, that the United States and ten other states including Ireland’s fellow EU members, Poland and Hungary, issued a declaration stating that no document issued by the participants carried any international authority, and that there is no “right to abortion” in the Declaration of Human Rights. Although, no doubt, the current American administration might have other ideas on that.

Ekeocha also refers to the ideological motivations of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and of Marie Stopes. Their vast foundations are now at the forefront of pushing abortion in African tates that have up to now resisted the pressure to conform.

Uncomfortably for the left, Sanger was an eugenicist whose motivations in reducing the birth rate of “undesirable” black and white families was not dissimilar to those of the Nazis who were besotted with the “science” of eugenics. Another science that was once popular with the totalitarian right and left, just as now the left embraces the pseudo science of transgenderism.

The mad scheme to liquidate before birth the “degenerate offspring” of poor whites and blacks was promoted by Sanger’s Birth Control Review. The Nazis were hugely inspired by the American eugenics movement and a founding committee member of Sanger’s Planned Parenthood, Harry Laughlin, was awarded a degree for his “work” in this field by the Nazis through the University of Heidelberg.

Not sure if there are any cumainn or branches of Irish political parties called after Laughlin, or Antifa tee shirts bearing his likeness, but all of the advocates of abortion on demand are ideologically linked both to Laughlin and indeed the Nazis on this issue.

When Justice Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court, in one of his opinions in an abortion case, made the logical link between abortion and eugenics he was savaged by the pro-abortion lobby. Their outrage was an indication that Thomas had hit them where it hurts. So too have some black American activists suspicious of the motivations of the Democratic Party left.

The fact is that black women have disproportionately vastly more abortions than any other section of American society, and that has resulted in millions of deaths of unborn children since Roe v Wade in 1973. In 2016 the rate of abortion in the black community was four times that for white women.

These are uncomfortable facts for the left and are thus either ignored or censored. Which brings us back to Obianuju Ekeocha’s swipe at Twitter. For it is clear that the current purge is also in a major way directed at pro life voices, her own included. When someone with power uses that power to stop you hearing or reading something it is usually a good indication that they are unable to refute opposing arguments by any other means than suppression.

Margaret Sanger’s admirers in the totalitarian movements of the 20th century and the wealthy sponsors of the rough beast slouching towards its Second Coming today, would have understood that much.



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