Italians are sharing the good news story of a 101-year-old who has been discharged from hospital after recovering from the coronavirus COVID-19. 

The reports that the man, from Rimini “is back at home with his family on Friday after beating the infection”.

The man, identified only as “Mr. P” by authorities, was born during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1919.

Rimini’s vice mayor Gloria Lisi told local media on Thursday that the 101-year-old was discharged from hospital in Rimini’s and returned home after fighting off the infection in hospital.

“Last week Mr. P. was hospitalised in Rimini after testing positive for Covid 19,” she said. “One detail that makes the life of this person truly extraordinary,” she added, “is that Mr. P. was born in 1919, in the midst of another tragic world pandemic “.“

Lisi added that, as word spread of the man’s condition, hospital staff felt a “desperate need” to ensure his recovery.

“When the tragic news reports tell us daily of a virus that is dangerous above all to the elderly, there is hope for all of us in the story of a person of this age,” Lisi said.

“And Mr. P. made it. His family brought him home on Wednesday evening. It shows that even at 101 years old, your fate is not written.”

Mr P’s recovery is just one of several stories of older Italians making a full recovery after being treated for the virus in hospitals.

The story of 95-year old Clara Corsini, reportedly fully recovered from the virus is also making the news, as Italy, one of the worst-hit countries in the pandemic struggles to contain the number of cases.