YouTube censors videos of mRNA pioneer

Dr. Robert Malone spearheaded much of the early work done in developing the mRNA technology now used in the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.

YouTube has taken down two videos of mRNA expert Dr. Robert Malone, despite the pivotal part he played in developing the technology underpinning two of the Covid-19 vaccines in circulation.

In an assertion consistently rejected by health authorities, the researcher claimed the Covid-19 vaccines’ spike protein “is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic”, whilst another video saw Malone discuss the use of Ivermectin as a prophylactic treatment against Covid-19.

The doctor’s LinkedIn account was also unexpectedly removed, a decision the company later apologized for and overturned.

Malone also appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to condemn the censorship he and others have experienced, claiming “the government is not being transparent with us” about the potential risks of mRNA vaccines.

“One of my concerns are that the government is not being transparent with us about what those risks are. And so, I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines,” Dr. Malone insisted.

“This is a fundamental right having to do with clinical research ethics,” he said. “And so, my concern is that I know that there are risks. But we don’t have access to the data and the data haven’t been captured rigorously enough so that we can accurately assess those risks – And therefore … we don’t really have the information that we need to make a reasonable decision.

“I can say that the risk-benefit ratio for those 18 and below doesn’t justify vaccines and there’s a pretty good chance that it doesn’t justify vaccination in these very young adults.”

Dr. Malone had pioneered experiments in in-vitro RNA transfection and in-vivo RNA transfection in animals in the late 1980’s, patenting several seminal discoveries which were later sold to pharmaceutical giant Merck.

Opening the interview with Malone, Tucker Carlson told viewers that a Norwegian study conducted on 100 nursing home residents who died after receiving Pfizer’s corona shots found that at least 10 of those deaths were likely caused by the vaccine.

Malone does not discourage use of Covid-19 vaccines however, instead saying he hopes to provide the fullest picture possible of the risks.

YouTube told the Washington Examiner that while it is “open [to] discussions of potential treatments and clinical trials related to COVID-19 on YouTube, based on guidance from the CDC, FDA and other local health authorities, we don’t currently allow content that recommends Ivermectin as an effective treatment or prevention method for the virus.”

“As such, we removed content from Bret Weinstein’s channels that violated this policy. We craft our policies to prevent the risk of egregious real-world harm, and update them as official guidance evolves. We do allow exceptions to our policy about Ivermectin, including content that also gives viewers the full context of the FDA’s current position.”

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