YouTube Censors COVID-19 Video with Former Head of WHO Cancer Program

YouTube has taken down a video discussion with Professor Karol Sikora, who headed the WHO’s Cancer Program between 1997 and 1999 and who currently leads the University of Buckingham’s medical school, in which the Professor discussed the appropriate response to Covid-19.

In the interview Professor Sikora talked about herd immunity, and said he estimated up to 30% of the UK’s population has already had COVID-19. He said this could partially explain, in conjunction with social distancing, the downturn we’ve seen in infection and death rates.

He also discussed the damage he believes the lockdown has done to cancer and cardiological patients who haven’t been receiving their full treatments since the lockdown started, saying that cancer patients had been “thrown to the wolves.”

His opinion was that the UK had already passed the point at which the lockdown was doing more harm, economic, social, and mental, than good, and that lockdown should begin to be lifted with people instead keeping to 1m of social distancing.

It appears that the video was taken down under a policy in which YouTube will ban anything it deems to be “medically unsubstantiated.”

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, has previously said that, “Anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy.”

YouTube has said the move is necessary to combat ‘misinformation’ but critics have said that the policy is being applied so forcefully that legitimate discussions of the appropriate way to respond to the virus are also being censored.

The full interview can be seen here:






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