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Why do so many instinctively reject ‘Vaccine Passports’?

The introduction of vaccine certification in this country and elsewhere, apart from leading to instinctive revulsion among those not yet inured to greatly increased state curtailments of basic freedoms, has led to comparisons with other systems of control.

The requirement for proof of vaccination has been likened to the internal passport system that was in place in the former Soviet Union, and which is still required in China and North Korea. The Soviet passport, introduced in 1933, restricted where a person could live, and severely curtailed travel within the country. The Chinese hukou and North Korean hoju passports are even more sinister in that they effectively confine huge numbers of people to inferior castes.

That classification of people is currently being refined to an unprecedented level under the Chinese social credit system. We have looked at this before, and how modern technologies have given the Communist Party the ability to monitor and assess almost every aspect of a person’s behaviour.

As the example of how surveillance was being applied to overseas Chinese workers in Vancouver shows, that reach is now global and no longer necessarily confined even to persons the Chinese consider to be their subjects.

The most disturbing aspect of all of this is how the western narrative around the Chinese social credit system has changed. There have always been those who, mostly for reasons of personal interest, have defended Chinese totalitarianism. We have our own mealy mouthed apologists as recent paeans to the CCP on its 100th anniversary proved.

In November 2018, Bing Song of the Berggruen Institute, which is a leading globalist think tank, attempted to defend the Chinese system.

Bing Song laughably ascribed the motivation for social credit as “an effort to build a culture of trust.” And of course, she resorts to the hoary old myth that western lefties, liberals and plain grifters have always resorted to when their latest totalitarian pet does things that no western democratic government would get away with.

According to this amoral relativism, the Chinese people, like the Cubans and victims of Russian and European socialism in the 20th century, have “different cultural expectations.” Which means that they don’t really mind living in a hyper authoritarian police state in which all the freedoms that western lefties use to undermine their own societies no longer exist.

One also suspects that much of the admiration for social credit is based on the desire of significant forces, including most current governments, to try and impose permanent restrictions that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago. And of course the impetus and excuse for that has been the “pandemic,” although the assault on free speech began prior to that.

Is that where we are at now with the introduction of the vaccine certification? The immediate disbarring of the unvaccinated and uncertified from going inside the door of a pub, might seem trivial. And, in the broad scheme of things, it is.

But that is not why so many people have an instinctive revulsion at the very notion. It is rightly regarded as introducing a distinction between people that is on the lower end of a slippery slope towards what no one really knows. It should also be noted that the requirement for certification as a condition of travel, as initiated by the EU, is supposed only to remain in place as long as the Covid virus is around.

Or rather, as Article 14 of the Regulation passed in March states, the vaccination will remain mandatory for one year after the “international concern caused by the SARS-CoV-2 has ended.”


Source: Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

As things stand, there is no indication that this is going to be any time soon. More sinisterly, if you are among those who are questioning how long the whole thing has gone on, the explanatory memorandum to the regulation states that, even should the Covid crisis end, the provisions could be reimposed should the World Health Organisation declare that there is another outbreak of the virus, or “a variant thereof, or similar infectious diseases with epidemic potential.”



Source: Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Apart from all of that, history would indicate that when a state entity – which is what the EU now is, as it assumes increasing primacy over the supposedly sovereign member states – is loath to surrender a power once it has it. Remember too, that whatever the so-called opposition in the Dáil are now saying, that Sinn Féin MEP Chris McManus voted for the travel certification proposal and justified it on the grounds that it would help to restore “normality.”

Vaccination certification for purposes other than travel was barely even mentioned when freedom of movement between countries was curtailed four months ago. From today you will need to be certified to have a pint inside of a pub. What next? Will people soon have to produce evidence of vaccination to enter a shop? Or to travel on public transport? Or to be allowed to go to work? Or to school and college? To leave their home?

The fact that these things are even seriously posed is an indication of where we have come to. Added to that, the fact that being vaccinated is not, as we were previously assured, certain to make one immune, means that it is possible, even probable, that there will soon be a requirement for the vaccinated to be vaccinated again and that this too will require some other legal distinctions to be introduced to grade people on that basis.

In China, the social credit system is not yet fully perfected, but it is well on the way to being. Already, the vast amount of technologically gathered information on individuals and their families and acquaintances has allowed the Communist Party to control almost every aspect of a person’s life. Every single thing a person needs to do is now dependent on a rating assigned to them individually or in the case of “suspect” nationalities or classes, as part of a collective.

In her book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, published in 2019, Shoshana Zuboff described the implications of that for China. A comparison with where the west is heading is no longer as absurd as it might have appeared just two years ago, before the Great Pandemic and what it has given rise to.

“The state will assume the role of the behaviourist god, owning the shadow text and determining the schedule of reinforcements and the behavioural reinforcements that it will shape. Freedom will be forfeit to knowledge, but it will be the state’s knowledge that it exercises, not for the sake of revenue but for the sake of its own perpetuation.”


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