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WHO wants unlimited abortion up to birth on request

Last month the World Health Organisation published its “Abortion Care Guideline,” in which it endorsed abortion up to birth without gestational limits.

The document was published on March 9th 2022, with a goal of recommending the “best practice statements relating to abortion.”

On page 27 of the document, the text clearly states:

“[We] recommend against laws and other regulations that prohibit abortion based on gestational age limits.”

On the same page, the WHO advises that abortion be available “on request” for any woman, girl or “pregnant person” – as in, transgender individuals.

This would effectively mean that anyone would be allowed to have an abortion for any reason or none, even five minutes before the baby’s birth, simply upon request.

Additionally, the WHO states that children and young teenagers should not have to pursue parental consent before getting an abortion.

The text reads:

“For adolescents, the authorization or consent of parents should not be required before the provision of abortion care.

As a general matter, States must recognize children’s and adolescents’ evolving capacity and their associated ability to take decisions that affect their lives.”

The document goes on to quote the UN Committee On The Rights Of The Child, stating that there should be…

“a legal presumption of competence that an adolescent seeking preventive or time-sensitive health goods or services, including for sexual and reproductive health, has the requisite capacity to access such goods and services.”

By preventative sexual and reproductive health” goods and services, the advice here likely refers not only to abortion, but contraception, such as teenage children purchasing condoms and the pill.

The WHO goes on to state that doctors who object to abortion morally and wish not to perform the procedure on “conscientious objection” grounds may find their position “indefensible” if it proves a barrier to a woman having an abortion.

The text says:

“[We] recommend that access to and continuity of comprehensive abortion care be protected against barriers created by conscientious objection…

…If it proves impossible to regulate conscientious objection in a way that respects, protects and fulfils abortion seekers’ rights, conscientious objection in abortion provision may become indefensible.”

The WHO advises that states should take measures to avoid the “stigmatization and negative stereotyping” around abortion, while also admitting that 60% of unplanned pregnancies globally end in abortion, as well as 30% of pregnancies overall.

However, the assertion that abortion is a healthcare issue is contested.

In the UK abortion has been legal for half a century. Yet in 2017, the year before Ireland’s abortion referendum, Ireland’s maternal death rate was 1.6 per 100,000 according to the CSO.

By comparison, the UK’s maternal death rate in the same year was 7 per 100,000.

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