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What the Zappone Texts reveal: She’s a dose.

The most revealing document released by the Irish Government yesterday was a text from Katharine Zappone to Simon Coveney sent in the early part of this year. Joe Biden had just been inaugurated as US President, and Zappone wanted Coveney to make an introduction for her to “Sam” (Samantha) Power, Biden’s UN Ambassador. Biden, she noted, had promised to appoint “LGBT folk” to leadership positions in US Federal Agencies, and, well, our Katharine is an LGBT person, so wouldn’t she be perfect for the job?

It should be noted that Zappone cited no other qualification. None. The basis of her appeal was solely that Biden was seeking LGBT folk, and Zappone is a gay woman. What was Coveney supposed to say to Samantha Power? “Hey, Samantha, I’d like to introduce you to Katharine Zappone, she is a lesbian, and I understand you are looking for some of those”??

Are we to believe that the United States, with its 300million people, has a shortage of qualified gay women? Was Coveney, not content with giving Zappone a job on the Irish dime without an application process, expected to ask the Americans to bypass their own competitive processes? Not content with getting favours from one Government, Zappone expected them from two. For no other stated reason than her sexuality.

It is incredible, and yet, precisely what one might expect from Zappone, who appears to have plagued Ministers looking for a job for herself, without ever feeling the need – not even once – to cite in those texts what she might achieve with such a job. One would nearly forgive Coveney for believing that €15k was a small price to pay to stop her pestering him. But of course, lots of people pester politicians for things. Only a select few can persuade half the cabinet that mortgaging their reputations just to get them a gig is a good idea.

Katharine Zappone has no particular qualification for a job at the United Nations, let alone two jobs at the United Nations. She is not a trained diplomat. She is not a scientist. She is not a lawyer. What she is qualified in, however, is self entitlement. Her qualification – her only qualification – is that she has all the correct opinions, and that she is, to boot, a Lesbian. That, is, and has ever been, her curriculum vitae.

But that curriculum vitae is irresistibly attractive to people like Simon Coveney. To Coveney, a good portion of the appeal of Zappone is that she is a progressive woman from a minority. Giving her a job, then, demonstrates to everybody that Simon Coveney is friendly to progressives, and minorities. It burnishes his credentials as “one of us”. Pale, stale, and male he might be, but approval from the likes of Zappone demonstrates to all and sundry that his heart is in the right place. She is not the first, and will not be the last, to take advantage of it.

Indeed, this particular malignancy impacts every aspect of life in the Irish establishment. Politicians have spent the last few years falling over themselves to support gender quotas, and proposals to increase “diversity” in everything from sports to the arts. In turn, the Irish establishment has become littered with people who have made an entire career out of being members of a particular minority group, with their other qualifications for the job considered, at most, a secondary consideration.

Zappone, of course, would have been perfect for the United Nations. It is a job practically tailor made for her brand of guff: Sitting around all day at meetings about LGBT rights in sub saharan Africa, or the likes of it, which make absolutely no practical difference whatever to the lives or rights of LGBT people in in those places, and then heading off in the evening to hob-knob with the diplomatic class over wine and canapes. If ever a job was made for a Katharine Zappone, “UN envoy” is it. It amounts to working for an Irish human rights NGO, but with standing broadway tickets as an added perk.

But that’s not why she got it, or why she felt entitled to it.

In Zappone’s mind, as is revealed by that very telling text message, her primary qualification is that she is LGBT. That alone entitles her to advancement, and preferment, over other, equally qualified people. Ireland is not short of people who can spout guff on the world stage – just look at our President – but in Zappone’s world, that very much comes second to her right to the job as a member of an oppressed minority.

Such attitudes are tolerated in Ireland. Indeed, in the circles in which Simon Coveney moves and seeks approval, they are actively encouraged, and rewarded. One of the big open secrets in Ireland is that “diversity” is little more than a jobs racket – it makes very little practical difference to the populations who are being “represented”, but it sure does offer opportunities to the right kind of grifter. Zappone is a grifter, in the truest, and most eternal, sense of the word.

Coveney, by contrast, is a sucker. And he may not be long for the political world, not that many of us will shed a tear.


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