West Belfast priest warns of fake twitter account using his name to get money

A Catholic priest based in West Belfast has spoken out about a fake social media account which he says is using his name to ask for money. 

Fr. Paddy McCafferty said the person behind the fake twitter account is ​​ impersonating him by, “using photos from Facebook etc.”

The “fraudster is asking people for money.” he said, adding, “I’ve tried everything, including the police, to no avail.”

The fake account, which currently has 230 followers, told twitter users “Your prayers are very important to me right now”, continuing  “I pray everything works out tomorrow which is Wednesday” and, “I believe all your prayers will go a long way for me”. 

At least one woman replied “You are in my prayers father”, and the account has now been set to ‘protected content’ meaning that only approved accounts can view its posts. 

Speaking to the Irish News, Fr. McCafferty said, “This guy is asking people for large sums of money, using pictures from my social media account and people think it is a priest.”, adding , “He identifies himself as Down and Connor”

He continued, “He gets into dialogue and a conversation with them over a couple of weeks and then he starts asking them for money. He says it’s for different projects.”

Fr. McCafferty said that “Elderly people have contacted me from all over the world because they got suspicious and I said `That’s not me. That’s a fraudster who is impersonating me”.

“He is asking for sums like £600 and £700. I don’t know anyone who has fallen for it.”

Gript previously interviewed Fr. McCafferty, who spoke about his distress over ten unsolved murders in his community. 


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