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Watch: Sinn Féin TD Eoin O’Broin struggles to explain what a woman is

Sinn Féin TD Eoin O’Broin appeared to have difficulty answering what a woman is after he was approached by a member of the public and asked to answer the question outside Leinster House. 



Repeatedly asked “what is a woman”, the TD began to answer saying, “I believe gender identity is cultured,” before being told that the question did not relate to gender identity and was simply a request for him to define what a woman is. 

After some interruption the Dublin Mid-West representative said, “There are people in our society whose biological sex and gender are not the same and don’t fit the mainstream stereotypes of male and female genders as society defines them, and I think those people should be recognised and protected in law”. 

One of the women challenging O’Brion said that his response to her question was “denying” her existence and that she considered this “hate speech”.

Speaking about LGBT issues at a previous Pride Parade party leader Mary Lou McDonald said, “We want to see the Gender Recognition Act extended to trans youth and non-binary identities. We also want to reform trans healthcare towards an informed consent model.”

She continued, “So-called ‘conversion therapy’ is a deeply harmful and abusive practice, which can cause life-long trauma and distress for those subjected to it. We remain determined to see this outlawed.

“Sex and relationship education in schools must be modernised to reflect a greater diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations.

“Healthcare campaigns such as those fighting for accessible HRT and accessible PrEP are furthering the cause of equal medical access to the community. I want them to know they have my full support. These are fundamental elements of healthcare which must be delivered as a priority.” 

Sinn Fein’s 2020 manifesto document says the party believes, “that to achieve full LGBTQI equality, we must embed LGBTQI equality into public policy by promoting inclusion and increasing visibility in our public services and communities as well as ending all mistreatment by legislation.”

It promises that a Sinn Féin in Government “will introduce inclusivity-based proposals that combat the inequality of our past and present day but also create solutions that include our LGBTQI community in an Ireland of equals.” 


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