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WATCH: Senator Regina Doherty says there are 9 genders

When you were growing up, you probably only remember hearing about two genders: male and female. That was the established norm from the dawn of human history, until around five minutes ago.

But little did you know, at some point along the line, the mere two genders have grown to a whopping nine. Inflation is no joke, eh?

This stunning revelation was announced this week by Fine Gael senator Regina Doherty, while she was speaking in front of the Scottish Parliament. Check it out for yourself below:

“Generations ago there were two genders. You know? There were two sexes. There still are two sexes, but today we probably have about nine genders. And that doesn’t diminish any other gender within the gender identity set.”

Note that she says there are “probably about nine genders.” So this is just a rough figure she’s giving us – don’t hold her to it, OK? The real number could be 8, or it could be 11. All she knows is, it’s a lot more than two. Human biology isn’t an exact science.

At this point, the question naturally arises, though: what exactly are the 9? We all know about male and female, of course, but that still leaves room for 7 others. And if you’re ignorant of these things like me, you’d probably want to know what the rest are. It’s almost like collecting Pokémon – you’ve got to catch ‘em all.

Unfortunately, after emailing Doherty’s office asking for clarification on this point, we have not yet received a reply, so at this stage your guess is as good as mine. We will keep this article updated and illuminate you with a response if we ever get one.

But there’s another problem here: how is gender equality supposed to work going forward?

We have all sorts of laws about gender equality in Ireland, and according to Regina, society is still horrendously unequal and sexist towards women. So if we couldn’t even manage equality between two genders, nine is surely going to be an absolute nightmare. We’re going to have our work cut out for us for the next few hundred years at least on the social progress front.

Now at this stage, in the “seven stages of grief,” you’re probably going through the “bargaining” phase, where you say to yourself “Well, at least only a few politicians in the Scottish Parliament heard her – right? Ireland won’t be made a laughing stock on the international stage, will we?”

But alas, international media has already picked it up, such as the Telegraph and the Scotland Daily Express. So, yeah – there’s that.


In addition to all of this, during her visit to Scotland, Doherty made many other very interesting assertions.

For example, when asked about women’s safety and violent men identifying as women to access women-only spaces, Doherty said that because men are so violent towards women, that means women should not worry about biological males in women’s changing rooms because they can already attack them everywhere else. Yep, you read that correctly – try to see if you can follow the logic here:

“The debate in Ireland [is] around those safe spaces for women. There’s a real fear that’s growing because a woman might be fearful of her safety from a trans man – or a trans woman – who might invade a space in Zara while I’m trying on a new frock.

…But all women have safety issues with regards to male violence…[so] the notion that women now have to fear a man dressing up as a woman, getting a gender identity certificate, so that he can threaten me in a dressing room or a single sex toilet, to me is kind of fanciful, when you recognise that in the Irish state women have issues with regards to safety because of male violence.

And I don’t think a man who wants to be violent towards a woman needs to go to the extent of changing his gender certificate so he can get access to me in the dressing room.”

Note that throughout that entire monologue she appears to be on the verge of smirking like it’s the funniest thing she’s heard all week. You probably wouldn’t have thought women fearing for their safety because their spaces are being invaded by males was the most amusing subject to a feminist, but there you go. Life is full of surprises.

So to summarise her point, she’s essentially saying that because women are already attacked by men everywhere in society, there’s no risk that letting men into female-only spaces will lead to more attacks, because men can already attack women on the bus or the train or the side of the road. They don’t need to go into the women’s changing room or female prison to do it.

So to put it another way, Doherty’s position is that society is already horrendously dangerous for women, so we should get rid of the last few pockets of safety they have left to themselves. That’s the kind of reasoning we’re dealing with from the Leader of the Seanad.

They say that the Yarlung Grand Canyon in Tibet is the largest canyon in the world. But even that chasm is tiny compared to the gap between the opinions of ordinary people and politicians on trans issues. The level of absolutely incoherent codswallop coming out of Leinster House at lightspeed is amazing, and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

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