WATCH: Sanders and Warren in merciless debate duel as Democratic commentators panic

This was not pretty. It’s par for the course that the first thing mentioned by woke commentators is the lack of skin diversity on the Democratic debate stage, as if that determines merit, but blue voters were given a little more to chew on last night in Iowa as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren traded unexpectedly heavy blows in their bid to face Donald Trump in November.

To be more accurate, the blows were mainly landed by Warren at Bernie’s expense.

First came her claim that Sanders privately insisted a woman could not become president, an accusation that, if true, would be unforgivable to Bernie’s social justice fighting base. But it was the presumption of Bernie’s guilt by CNN that surprised some:

Whether or not CNN have taken an unofficial stance against Bernie remains to be seen, but Warren wasn’t finished yet in making the most her womanhood. Pointing out that only the two women on the stage had won every election they contested, with the men losing a combined number of ten, Warren positioned herself as the most likely candidate to beat Trump, reminding viewers that she was the only one to  have beaten an incumbent Republican in the past 30 years:

Bernie’s retort was more than a little awkward, as he appeared to slip up on the math:

The closing scenes of the debate, where Warren refused to shake the outstretched hand of Sanders, confirmed, if anyone was in doubt, that their friendship is now officially on the rocks. The comments of CNN’s Van Jones will probably do more to worry Democrats however, as they become increasingly concerned that the right match for Donald Trump has not yet emerged:

The other candidates, like Buttigieg and Biden, will hope for stronger performances in the future, on a night that all commentators agreed belonged to Elizabeth Warren. For Bernie, however, the lessons from this debate will have to learned quickly.

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