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WATCH: Police dogs used to attack anti-lockdown protestors in Amsterdam  

A video of police using dogs and batons to attack anti-lockdown protestors in Amsterdam has led to widespread shock on social media and criticism of heavy handed policing. 

A huge police dog is seen mauling a protester while police beat back those who try to intervene with batons. The man being dragged by the dog is also beaten with a baton.

The videos show that other dogs are also used against protestors while police also rain blows down on what seem to be peaceful demonstrators.

The video, by Guerilla Reporters, has amassed more than 8 million views, and the heavy-handed actions of the police have been met with a chorus of criticisms.

Another video shows the incident from another angle.

The man can be heard shouting in pain as the dog’s teeth grab his wrist here. Protestors who have their hands up are beaten with batons.

Riot police had moved in to break up crowds after tens of thousands came out to protest the new lockdown that was put in place suddenly on December 19 despite a full vaccination rate over 75%.

The use of batons against peaceful citizens has caused serious concern with observers calling on the authorities to ensure that the use of batons comes under investigation.



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