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WATCH: Chaos in Italian parliament over vaccine passes

Opposition MPs walked to the floor of the parliament, holding signs saying “No Green Pass”.

The Italian parliament was thrown into disarray yesterday when MPs protesting the introduction of domestic vaccine passports were met by security officials on the floor of the house.

One MP runs away from security and out the door with a sign in his hand, whilst others make their way to the floor.

The drama follows a series of large protests around the country where citizens expressed their opposition to lockdowns and government plans to require vaccine passes next month for access to restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, sporting events, museums, festivals, private parties and theatres.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who was formerly head of the European Central Bank, said the threat of the Delta variant demanded such measures.

“The Green Pass is essential if we want to keep businesses open,” Draghi claimed.

Plans to require the vaccine pass on public transport and domestic flights were shelved as a result of public opposition however, with the current coalition appearing fractured on the issue.

Less than 50 per cent of the Italian population are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, with Draghi taking aim at those who refuse the inoculation.

“Calls for people not to get vaccinated is a call for people to die. If you don’t vaccinate, you get sick, you die or you let other people die,” Draghi claimed.

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