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WATCH: Gay choir remove “we’ll convert your children” song

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released the song as part of an online Pride celebration.

Titled “A Message From the Gay Community,” the song ridicules parents’ fears about their children being exposed to LGBTQ ideas, happily claiming parents will fail in any attempt to resist their “tolerant and fair” agenda.

The video has now been set to “Private” on YouTube however, with the group issuing a statement saying the backlash to the song was too abusive and members were allegedly being doxxed.

Allegations have been made that the choir contained several men with sexual assault records, whilst journalist Andy Ngo criticised the authors for some of their previous work.

Some of the lyrics are as follows:

“You think we’re sinful, you fight against our right, you say we all lead lives you can’t respect. But you’re just frightened, you think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct.”

“We’ll convert your children, happens bit by bit, quietly and subtlety and you will barely notice it, you can keep them from disco, warn about San Francisco, make ’em wear pleated pants, we don’t care… we’ll convert your children… we’ll make them tolerant and fair.”

“Just like you’re worried, they’ll change their group of friends, you won’t approve of where they go at night (to protests). And you’ll be disgusted when they start learning things online that you kept far from their sight (like information).”

The song also claims “Gen Z’s (are) gayer than Grindr”.

The song garnered only 88 likes on YouTube and 5,000 dislikes before being set to private.

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