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WATCH: Dutch Farmers Spray Manure, Block Roads to Protest ‘Climate Change’ Measures

Thousands of Dutch farmers are continuing to protest what they say is an attempt by their government to destroy their livelihoods.

The Dutch government is imposing EU regulations to limit nitrogen emissions which could  necessitate a significant reduction of the national herd.

Farmers brought their cows to The Hague to protest the EU’s attempts to half nitrogen emissions by 2030 claiming it would force some of them out of business, as it could see a 30% reduction in the number of livestock.

Bloomberg reported one such farmer, speaking of her cows,  as saying “If the nitrogen measures are adopted, one of these two ladies will not go home, but will receive a one-way ticket to the slaughterhouse,”.

It was reported that the measures would “require cuts of as much as 95% in emissions in some provinces” according to “official data”.

Holland is the world’s second largest agricultural exporter.

Last year Dutch agricultural exports exceeded 100 billion euros ‘for the first time’ according to research conducted by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

“In 2021, it is estimated the Dutch economy gained 46.1 billion euros from the export of agricultural goods, which included 42.1 billion euros from the export of goods of Dutch origin and 4.0 billion euro from re-export.”

Dutch agricultural exports are mostly sent to  neighboring countries, most notably; Germany, Belgium, and France.

Cheese alone is Holland’s fourth biggest export according to commodity.com accounting for approximately $3.88 billion per annum.

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