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WATCH: ‘Blocks as strong as Weetabix’ crumbled for TDs at Dáil

Mica redress campaigners took their cause to the Dáil today, asking TDs to take a hammer to the blocks which have caused so much hardship and distress to families in Mayo and Donegal. 

Campaigner Paddy Diver contrasted the solidity of the blocks affected by Mica with ‘two day old Weetabix’.

“I’ll keep reiterating that 2-day old Weetabix dried to a bowl has more structural integrity than the blocks used to build our home,” he tweeted.

The Mica Action Group said they had been at the Dáil every day in September.

“The house is crumbling around us, there’s mould… the rain comes in through the windows… it’s not our fault, and we need the redress.” No limits, no caps. The message from today’s #MicaProte

Diver asked TDs at the Dáil, including Michael Healy-Rae to see just how defective the blocks were.

Thousands of Irish homeowners affected by the use of the mineral mica in construction blocks are to continue their fight for full redress. A protest has been organised in Dublin on October 8th.

Over 4,000 houses are believed to be affected by the issue across counties Donegal and Mayo.

Videos posted to social media showed the walls of houses literally crumbling away, causing shock and disgust among many, while schools and community centres have also been impacted by the use of blocks containing high levels of mica. Mica, a mineral, absorbs water and can cause walls to crack and crumble.

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