WATCH: Anger as ‘feral’ gangs trip woman under train, brawl in Malahide

There have been calls for an increase in the presence of Garda Public Order Units as video continues to emerge of gangs of youths causing havoc – and sometimes endangering lives – in Dublin city suburbs. 

Footage of gangs brawling and attacking people in Malahide at the weekend shocked both locals and commentators on social media.

Locals in the normally quiet coastal village had to intervene to call a halt to the chaos.  “Absolute madness. If they don’t clamp down on this fast, it’s going to be a long dangerous summer,” one comment read.

Former Councillor Keith Redmond said the “solution to feral gangs plaguing Malahide is Garda visibility and enforcement.

Gardai are investigating whether the same gangs are behind a horrific incident where a woman was pushed on to a train track at Howth Junction Station on April 1.

“So this is footage from Howth dart station at the weekend. These little thugs spat at & hit a woman with their bikes and she fell onto the tracks. The little cowards then shat themselves, they should be in prison. I hope @gardainfo  have the footage & take the appropriate action,” one comment said.

The mostly teenage gangs are believed to use the DART to travel between coastal towns where they are increasingly causing havoc.

Recently, a youngster in Malahide was chased by up to twenty of the thugs and he was forced to jump onto the roof of a family care containing a woman and child to try to escape them.

But the gang caught him and beat him with chains and locks, according to his mother who said that he had needed treatment in hospital for his injuries.


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