Vox surge to third place in Spanish elections 

The second parliamentary elections in Spain this year have seen the biggest surge in votes for the new political party Vox, which is now the country’s third largest party. 

Spain has been stuck in a political deadlock since April with no clear majority to govern.  With all votes now counted, Pedro Sánchez’s Socialists have won the biggest share of seats, but with other left-wing parties losing ground, there is no clear left-wing majority.

The growth of Vox, who say they are seeking cultural and political change by “opening up forbidden debates” on immigration and the family, is one of the major talking points of the election.

Founded just three years ago, this election saw the number of parliamentary seats it holds leap from 24 parliamentary seats to 52.

Leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, said told reporters that the result had been achieved despite media criticism. “We have the same right to defend our ideas without being stigmatised and insulted as we still are by the media,” he said.


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