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Virginia election a vote of no confidence in Joe Biden

It was a bad night for the Democrats. Even their Irish press office admitted as much. Poor CNN also had to cope with the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series in baseball after their cheerleading of a boycott of Georgia by Major League Baseball earlier in the year because  Georgia tightened up its electoral laws by requiring voter ID.

In the election for Governor of Virginia, the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin defeated the Democrat Terry McAuliffe by a margin of just over 2%.  In the Presidential election last November, Biden won the state by 10%. Republican candidates also did well in other state-wide elections held yesterday.

Apart from representing a damning verdict on Biden’s first year in office, Youngkin had campaigned strongly on opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Virginia schools, and on the use of transgender toilets. This was a major issue following the rape in May of a girl in a toilet at Stone Bridge High School in Loudon county.

Not only was the perpetrator a person claiming to identify as transgender, but there was an attempt by the school board to pretend that the incident had never happened. It had told a school supervisor that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” a month after the supervisor had informed the board of the assault.

The Democrats threw the kitchen sink at Virginia by having vice President Kamala Harris campaign personally for McAuliffe and warn voters that a loss might presage disaster for the Democrats in next years mid-term elections.  McAuliffe attacked Youngkin as “dangerous” and in the same clip, the MSNBC commentator refers to “fake CRT battlegrounds” and implied that Youngkin was appealing to racist white voters.

So intent were the Virginia Democrats in using racism as an election issue that one of their activists appeared to have been caught posing as a white supremacist among a group which was photographed beside a Youngkin campaign bus in an attempt to smear the Republican as a racist.


The reaction on the left has been amusing of course. Take for example, the claim by former Obama administration official Van Jones that Youngkin represents the “Delta variant of Trumpism.”



Which elicited the following rejoinder;


Hysteria seems to be the default zone for many Democrats


There had been predictions that once Biden himself was exposed as pretty much an aging figurehead, that the more extreme elements in the Democratic Party would provoke a reaction even among voters who voted for Biden in 2020. His increasingly worrying public persona and the humiliation of the United States on the global stage in Afghanistan have eroded support in the polls.

That was confirmed by Tuesday’s elections in Virginia but also in the New Jersey gubernatorial race where the result was being described as too close to call on Wednesday morning. Biden won New Jersey in November last by over 700,000 votes.

Anyway, let’s end with the chant of the day:




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